August 1, 2022

We bought this tear down in Kenner

We bought this inherited house that had very bad hurricane damage and serious foundation issues. The house is actually a tear down but its in Kenner so we can use tear it down and use the vacant land for a new build. In the video you can hear our founder Steve Keighery talking about the situation and the property. You can watch the video or read the transcript below.

Video Transcript

Hey, guys, Aussie Steve here from home buyer Louisiana. We buy houses in any condition in Louisiana. I’m here at a house we are looking to purchase in Jefferson Parish. We are on the East Bank in Kenner.

There are a couple of things I would like you to know about the property.

Firstly, it’s inherited. The sellers are siblings, and they reached out to us to sell the inherited property, it had been their parent’s. Their father, who owns half of the property, unfortunately passed away several years ago. He placed his half of the property into the siblings’ names and had actually gone through succession on that. Now, unfortunately, their mother has passed away more recently, and she still owns 50% of the property, which they’re entitled to, as the only heirs to her. So, they reached out to us to sell it. They hadn’t done the succession yet, but they were ready to move on. So we agreed to buy it, and our title attorney is going to help them do the succession for their mom’s portion to put it into their name as well.

Secondly, the house is in really bad shape. Hurricane Ida was not kind to it, so it’s really in bad condition with the hurricane damage. There were some major foundation issues. It is so badly damaged that we’re going to need to tear it down. And that’s okay. It’s in Kenner. It’s a decent area. We can do a new build here. So, we can afford to still pay them a good amount of money for the property and tear it down to build a new property and still make everyone happy.

So that’s what’s going to happen in this case. I’ll show you around. You can see the property itself is really bad. The hurricane affected it badly. The roof is ripped off. This is the front of the property; it is ripped off and exposed. The house is in really bad shape. The foundation is also affected. You can probably see that it’s just not straight. So that’s going to make it a big deal. That’s fine though. We buy property like this; we’ll start again and turn it into a much nicer property.

So, guys, if you have a property you want to sell, it could be in a state similar to this or not as bad as this. We’d definitely be interested in buying it if it’s better than this. But if you’ve got a property like this, it might have foundation issues like this, it may be inherited like this with a whole lot of issues, and for some reason, you want to sell it to a cash house buyer, then reach out to us at We have a lot of information on our website, so check it out.

Thanks so much for your time, guys. Have a good one.

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