How to Sell Your House in Louisiana

House Selling Solutions

We buy houses in many different ways and specialise in offering selling solutions to homeowners with problem houses or difficult situations. We know everybody’s circumstances are different and require a different solution, but we have solved so many problems that we know the different tools that can be used.

We are always happy to discuss your situation and  give you advice. We obviously make our living buying houses but we only want to buy houses where we are the best option for each other. It is very common that we suggest an alternative that doesn’t involve us buying your house. We do this because we have a business principal that we will only ever do a deal if everybody at the closing table is smiling.

Selling through a realtor

If your house is up to date and are not in a hurry to sell, then selling to a realtor is probably your best option. They will make sure the most number of eyeballs see your house and when they find a home owner who falls in love with it and wants to move in you will get your top dollar. Just keep in mind that the price you get is not what will go in your pocket and in general about 10% of that price will go to realtor fees and closing costs. That being said, if you are flexible with time this will probably be your best option. We are not realtors so if you want to pursue this strategy you can locate a licenced realtor through the Louisiana Real Estate Commission

Selling For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

Many people decide to list their house for sale by owner to avoid real estate commissions and fees. This can be a good option to save money but you do need to be prepared to roll up your sleeves and do some work. We put together some information on selling For Sale By Owner

Selling Your House As Is

When a homeowner buys a house they expect everything to be working and up to modern standards. After they come to terms on a house they will get an inspection done and if there are issues found they will expect them to be fixed or the cost to fix them to be deducted from the sales price.  If they are using bank financing to purchase the house the expectations are even higher as the bank wants to see the inspection report and will have their own opinions and standards. It doesn’t end there as there are certain warranties expected when someone buys a house and if issues arise after you sold the house it does expose you to the buyer coming back to get you to fix something after they bought it.

When your house is older and needs repairs, then it may make sense to sell the house in As Is condition. This means you are selling the house without any warranties and will not make repairs. While most home owners won’t buy As Is this is something an investor will do. They will take responsibility for fixing the property and will often let you leave any junk you don’t want behind. We buy As Is all the time and have put together some frequently asked questions on selling a house As Is

Selling with a Mortgage or Lien

Selling with a mortgage or a lien isn’t a big deal, as long as the money you will get for the property is more than the mortgages and liens. The important words in that sentence is “the money YOU GET”. Remember that if you sell through a realtor you are going to pay about 10% of the sales cost as commissions and closing costs. This means that often people can get a price for their house higher then the mortgage/lien but when they go to the closing they actually have to write a check to the attorney to pay off the loans. Nobody wants to pay someone to buy their house and you don’t have to. There are other ways you can deal with these liens and mortgages and avoid having to come out of pocket to sell your house. We buy houses with liens all the time even when they are worth more than the property. We put together some more information for you on selling a house with liens

Selling a house in Foreclosure

If you are facing foreclosure it puts a lot of time pressure on selling your house. You obviously need to sell the house before it goes to sheriff sale so you can salvage the equity you have in your property. This normally rules out a traditional sale through a realtor as you can’t afford to wait. In this case selling to an investor who can make a quick decision and pay cash is generally the best option to sell your house. Foreclosures are always a stressful time and you will normally have lots of questions. We stop foreclosures all the time and have put together some frequently asked questions about selling a house before foreclosure

Selling an Inherited Property

Inheriting a house can be a blessing and a curse. Sometimes it comes with liabilities, repair and maintenance obligations, taxes and managing tenants. You don’t always want to be a landlord and many people just prefer to turn the house into cash so they can move on with their lives. The house can also come with emotional baggage. We understand that it can be very hard to clean a house of a loved one up to prepare for sale. We often buy inherited houses and allow the heirs to take what they want and leave everything else behind for us to deal with. We also find that often someone has passed away years ago but the succession work to transfer the title hasn’t been done. When this is the case we can buy the property and get our title attorney to do the succession as part of the sales process. This way you don’t need to come out of pocket for the legal work. If you have an inherited house you are looking to sell we have put together an FAQ on selling an inherited property.

Selling a house with tenants

Selling a house with tenants can be difficult. The tenants aren’t always willing to have the house staged well for photos and inspections and this can often turn home owners off. You can always evict the tenants and stage the house, but if they still have a lease or you can’t afford to pay the note/bills this isn’t always possible. When this is the case it is generally best to sell to an investor. They understand what it is like to have tenants and buy houses all the time so don’t really care about how the house is staged. Depending on the rent you are getting it might actually be a bonus for them that you have a tenant. We buy houses with tenants all the time and have put together a some of the frequently asked questions when selling a house with a tenant.

Selling your house for cash

You might want to sell your house to a cash buyer. This has some advantages as you avoid losing a sale because the financing falls through. It is also a much faster process as your buyer will not have to jump through all the hoops to get their loan approved and they won’t have to order building inspectors and property appraisers to inspect the property. Lots of banks won’t loan money on a house that needs lots of repairs so a cash buyer is a great way to sell a fixer up property. Find out more about selling your house to a cash buyer.

Selling your house fast

There are many reasons why you may need to sell your house fast. If you are in this situation then selling through a realtor is probably not your best option and you would be better off selling to an investor who is a cash buyer. The fact that they pay cash is important as there is none of the red tape that comes with getting financing approved and you can have your house sold as soon as the title attorney can organize the paperwork. We buy houses fast for cash all the time. Give us a call or fill out our online form if you want to sell your house fast.

Selling a house with no equity

If you have a mortgage that is as much or more than what the house is worth it can be really hard to sell. Once you take out realtor fees and closing costs you will probably have to write a big check to sell your house. This is obviously not an ideal situation but you do have options. We buy houses with no equity by taking over the mortgage payments. Since we aren’t tying up all our cash we will pay a higher price when we take over an existing mortgage. For more information have a look at our take over payments page.

Selling a lot or vacant land

Selling a Lot or vacant land is different from selling a house. Obviously there is a much smaller pool of buyers and you are going to be selling to an investor or an owner builder. While homeowners are after move-in-ready houses with granite counter tops, land buyers are more interested in location, zoning, access to build etc. Find out more about selling a lot or vacant land.

Selling a house with foundation issues

While most home buyers get scared off by a foundation problem, an investor who flips houses for a living isn’t. It’s true that foundation issues are very common in New Orleans so this could be a problem you encounter. If you are able to, you are best to get a foundation company to fix the foundation before you sell your house. If you don’t have the time, money or inclination to do this you can sell your house to an cash investor who doesn’t mind buying a house with foundation issues.

Selling a house with hurricane damage

If your house got damaged by a hurricane and you don’t want to rebuild it you can sell it to a cash investor like Home Buyer Louisiana. If you have insurance you can even sell your hurricane damaged property in as is condition and keep the insurance check for yourself. When you put the insurance check and the as is sale check together you should be able to move onto a new house and save the hassle of rebuilding.

Selling a house with fire damage

If you need to sell a house with fire damage you will find that the buyer pool becomes a lot smaller. Repairing a fire damaged property takes specialty skills and a lot of rehabbers won’t take on these projects. There are plenty of buyers that will buy a fire damaged house though including Home Buyer Louisiana. Click the link if you want to learn more about selling a fire damaged property

Are you thinking of selling your house?

If you are thinking of selling a house in Louisiana then feel free to give us a call to discuss your situation. We are happy to offer you some advice and help you understand your options. We don’t mind if you don’t end up selling your house to us, we are happy to help and only buy your house if it is the best option for you. You can also have a look at out Frequently Asked Questions.

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