Selling your house after a Natural Disaster

  • Sell a hurricane damaged home
  • Sell Fire damaged property
  • Sell a flooded house
  • Sell it As Is

How to sell your house after a Natural Disaster

In Louisiana natural disasters like hurricanes and flooding are common. So what happens if your house is damaged in a natural disaster and you want to sell? We put together some answers to frequently asked questions about selling your damaged property.

Should I repair my damaged house before I sell it?

This is a personal decision but whether or not you are insured will factor in heavily. If you want to sell the house but you aren’t insured you are going to be better off financially by repairing the property so you can sell it to a home owner. If you don’t want to do the repairs you are going to need to sell to an investor who buys houses for cash to flip them. This will be the easiest way to sell the house but you are going to leave some on the table. If you fix it up yourself then you will get the “flip profit” instead of the investor. That is assuming you have the experience to oversee the flip and have the time and money to complete it. If not then selling the house as is may be the best option.

If you do have insurance and you no longer want to live in the house then you may be able to have your cake and eat it too. What we mean by that is that the insurance will cut you a check to repair the damage but you are not obligated to complete those repairs. In this case you may be able to sell the house to an investor in as is condition and combine that money with the insurance check. This way you should still be able to get the sort of money you would get by repairing the house yourself without having to do the work.

Can I sell a hurricane damaged house?

Unfortunately we get a lot of hurricanes in Louisiana. This means a lot of people end up trying to sell hurricane damaged properties. While a home owner may not want to buy your hurricane damage, an investor is likely to buy  a hurricane damaged house in as is condition. They are happy to undertake the repairs so they can add value and won’t make you do repairs or clean up. Since they generally pay cash they don’t need to get bank financing approved so it should be a straight forward sales process even with the hurricane damage. If you have insurance you can usually keep the insurance check for yourself and leave the house for the investor to fix up.

Can I sell a flood damaged property?

Yes you can sell a house that was flooded. If your house is damaged in a flood you can still sell it to a cash home buyer in As Is condition. Investors know how to restore flood damaged properties and are generally happy to take on new projects. Lots of people will get their flood insurance payout but not want to rebuild so combine the payout with the sale to us so they can start over with a new home. The insurance will often end up going up after an area floods so you may see a dip in the value of houses after a big flood event. Unfortunately this is part of life in Louisiana.

Can I sell a fire damaged property?

Fire damage can be extensive and often need a complete rehab. You can definitely sell the fire damaged house but the pool of buyers is a little lower. Obviously a home owner is unlikely to buy it and even a lot of flippers don’t want to buy fire damaged properties. There are definitely people that will buy your fire damaged home and if it is Louisiana we would be interested in buying it.

We buy houses damaged by natural disasters

At Home Buyer Louisiana we are very active investors. We buy hurricane damaged homes, we buy flooded properties and we even buy fire damaged properties. If you are interested in selling your damaged house in As Is condition then reach out to us and we can discuss your property.

How The Process Works

1. Tell us about your house and we will give you an estimate of our cash offer

2. If our cash offer is something that will work for you we’ll set up a quick appointment to view the property

3. We’ll give you a written cash offer for your consideration

4. If you are happy, we close at a reputable title company, cash in your hands in as little as 7 days or a date that suits you

We can do step 1 through 3 within 48 hours so you will quickly know whether we are the right the solution for you

Hurricane Damaged Houses we have bought

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