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How The Process Works

1. Tell us about your house and we will give you an estimate of our cash offer

2. If our cash offer is something that will work for you we’ll set up a quick appointment to view the property

3. We’ll give you a written cash offer for your consideration

4. If you are happy, we close at a reputable title company, cash in your hands fast (in as little as 7 days) or a date that suits you

We can do step 1 through 3 fast (within 48 hours) so you will quickly know whether you can sell your house fast to us

Sell Your House Fast for Cash

We are local investors who buy houses fast for cash. If you are selling your house we will make a quick buying decisions so you can get your house sold fast for cash. Since we are cash buyers, when we buy your house there is no waiting for bank approvals and inspections. This allows you to sell your house fast without all the hassle. You can have your house sold as soon as the title attorney is able to clear the title which is usually less than 2 weeks (it has been as fast as 8 days). Don’t worry about fixing your house up or cleaning it before you sell. We are no stranger to making repairs and rehabbing houses so you can sell your house in As Is condition fast. We take responsibility for fixing the house and only need a very quick inspection before we give you a firm, written cash offer for your house. We also know your time is valuable and can generally give you an indication of what our cash offer would be for your house after a quick phone call. We will only come and see your house if we are in the same ballpark of what price you want to sell your house for. We pride ourselves on being the most reputable home buyers in Louisiana, are easy to work with so you can sell your house fast for cash.

If you don’t have time to wait for a realtor to find a buyer and don’t want to repair, clean and stage your house for open houses then we may be a good solution for you to sell your house fast for cash. We pride ourselves of moving fast so you can sell your house quick. Give us a call or fill in our online form and we will be able to give you a fast decision on whether we are a good cash buyer for your house. If you are facing foreclosure or just need to sell your house really fast, then we can move quickly for you. Even if we aren’t the best fit for you to sell your house to, we are always happy to give you some thoughts on different ways you can sell your property. We buy houses all over Louisiana with a big focus on the New Orleans, Metairie, Baton Rouge Northshore and the West Bank . We also buy lots and land so reach out to us if you want to sell a lot or land fast.

If you are unsure about the process of selling your house fast for cash then visit our Frequently Asked Questions on selling a house direct to an investor. If you are ready to sell your house fast then give us a call or fill in our online form and we will get back to you fast to discussing getting your house sold.

Why people like selling their house to us?

We love to see people smiling at the closing table when they sell their house to us. While we buy houses every week, we understand that people generally only sell a house a couple of times in their lives. While we pride our selves on being able to buy your house fast, we know that sometimes you want to go slow and understand the selling process. We will take the time to discuss your objectives with selling your house and what you need to get for the house. While we are always happy to give you a fast cash offer on your house, we often will advise people to try another option to sell their house. We do this because we don’t need to buy every house from every person that calls us. We only want to your house if we are a good fit for you to sell to and when we will both smile at the closing table. If we don’t think we are the best fit to sell your house to we will straight up tell you. We know that by doing this all the people that sell their house to us are happy and the people that we advised to try another avenue to sell their house end up referring us to other people that want to sell their house fast.

We have bought over 100 houses in Louisiana and have lots of happy sellers who will tell you about how easy it was to sell their house to Home Buyer Louisiana. You can see lots of happy customers give their review of selling to Home Buyer Louisiana.

Do we really buy houses with cash?

When we tell people we buy houses for cash, they often ask if that means we bring a duffle bag full of cash. While that would be cool (and very dangerous in New Orleans) we do not bring duffle bags of cash. When we buy your house fast for cash what we mean is that we provide the title company with a cashiers check or we do a wire transfer. The Title company collects the cash and then they pay out the cash to the owners via check or wire transfer. Using a Title Company to collect the cash from the buyer and distribute the cash to the sellers is the only way to protect both parties. The Title Company ensures that the title is clear and that we as the house buyer gets a clean title. They also ensure that you as the seller gets the cash that you are entitled to. They may need to pay off an existing mortgage or lien as part of the closing process. So while we do pay cash for the house and bypass having to arrange bank financing, we still use title companies to make the sure the transaction is legal and recorded.

How fast can you sell your house?

You can sell your house fast to Home Buyer Louisiana, but how fast is fast?  We do need the Title company to do a title search and ensure there is clear title so that is what is going to determine how fast you can get your house sold. We have closed as fast as 8 days and have closed that fast a number of times. We haven’t done less than that yet because it does take a little bit of time to get all the title search work done. On average it takes about 14 to 21 days to go from purchase agreement to closing when you sell your house to Home Buyer Louisiana. If there are complicated title issues to resolve like successions with multiple deaths and heirs then it will take longer. Closing fast is a service to you. We will try and close as fast as humanely possible if a fast sale is your goal. If for whatever reason you need more time to move then that is fine, it is very easy for us to slow down the process to work with your priorities. But if you want to sell fast, we will make sure we get to the closing table in the fastest time possible. We pride ourselves on being the fastest & easiest Home Buyers in Louisiana to sell your house to.

If you are wondering how you can sell your house fast for cash then just fill out our form and give us a call and we will be happy to discuss how Home Buyer Louisiana can help you get your house sold fast.

Why Sell Your House To Us?


We are the group of local investors that help people with problem homes. When you sell your house to us we always treat you professionally and with respect.

We Pay Cash

We pay cash which means nothing is dependent on banks approval or slowed down by redtape so you can sell your house fast

No Improvement Needed

We buy your house, as-is so you don't need to make repairs or clean the property to sell your house

We Are Fast

We can close fast! Sometimes you can sell your house as fast as 7 days.

No Fees Or Commissions

You are dealing direct with the buyer so there are no realtor commissions or fees when you sell your house to us.

Get an obligation free offer

We buy houses in ANY CONDITION in Louisiana. There are no commissions or fees and no obligation whatsoever. Start below by giving us a bit of information about your property.

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