July 30, 2022

Sell your inherited property the easy way, just like Colinda did

Selling an inherited property can be overwhelming. There is already a lot of difficult emotions dealing with the loss of a loved one. Trying to sort out wills, succession and dealing with remaining assets can be an added strain. When you inherit a house there is a blessing as houses are valuable but there are a lot practical things you need to sort through. You need to make sure that insurance and taxes are paid and the house is being kept up and if you want to sell it you will need to consider how to clean up and prepare the house for a sale. What if you could simplify the process and just sell your inherited house direct to an investor in As Is condition?

At Home Buyer Louisiana we buy inherited houses in As Is condition all the time. When you sell your inherited property to Home Buyer Louisiana you don’t need to clear the house out, or make repairs or clean up. Just take whatever you want and the leave the rest for us to worry about it. Since we are cash house buyers we don’t need bank approvals and can just buy the house in As Is condition. If you haven’t done the succession yet then our title attorneys can do this for you as part of the closing process.

In this video you will hear how Colinda found the process of selling her inherited property to Home Buyer Louisiana. Watch the video and see the transcript below.

Video Transcript

Steve: What was it like selling your house to Home Buyer Louisiana?

Colinda: Easy. Extremely easy. Not to mention you have a sweet staff.

Steve: Yeah, miss Arione is always pretty awesome.  So your property was inherited right?

Colinda: Yes, it was an inherited property. It was a mess and you guys just walked in and said I’ll buy it, and it was that easy.

Steve: Fantastic. Well, thank you for trusting us. We appreciate it.

Colinda: Thank you so much. Thanks 

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