May 13, 2021

We buy gutted houses like this one in Algiers

We buy houses in ANY condition, including vacant gutted properties like this one in Algiers. Since we are cash house buyers we can buy blighted properties like this and don’t need a bank to approve the project. We are local investors who aren’t afraid of a rehab so can make a quick buying decision so that you can sell your house fast.

Check out the video of our Founder Aussie Steve at this gutted Algiers house. You can can also read the video transcript below…

Hey guys, it’s Aussie Steve here from Home Buyer Louisiana. We buy houses in any condition in Louisiana. I’m here at a house we are looking to purchase on the West Bank of Orleans Parish in Algiers.

This house has been vacant for a long time. You can probably see it’s gutted, so obviously it’s not a house that’s ready to be listed with a realtor as there is a fair bit of work that’s needed. The house has been in the family for a minute and it’s just sitting here vacant.

When you let these houses sit vacant, they generally don’t do too well. You’ll see over here there’s termite activity. The termites have been feasting and you’ll see various places throughout the house. Look at this, it is all eaten up this wood and down. So the termites are munching but they don’t pay rent.

You know the house is actually going down in value. It’s getting harder and harder to save the house. In the meantime there’s taxes and some code violations piling up on this one. There is more termite activity up in here.

When you are not going to fix the house, you’re generally best to do something to move it. You know at the moment this is costing the owners money with property taxes, code violations, upkeep etc and it’s actually losing value. Obviously if you have the capacity to fix it up then you should do that. In this case they just don’t have the time energy or money to do that so it’s just sitting here deteriorating.

So that’s why the owners reached out to us because we buy houses like this. They can sell the house As Is and we come in and put the time, money and energy into fixing it up. It helps the seller and also brings up the neighborhood. We also create value in this house and can flip it or rent it so it’s a real win-win situation. The owner gets cash for this asset that’s in here depreciating and you once we’ve put in the work then we sell it and we make a profit on that sale. Also the homeowner who buys the house will be really happy to get a brand new home.

If you have a house that’s sitting around not doing much, maybe it’s got termites or it’s just not creating value for you, reach out to us. We’re always happy to help and discuss your situation. Even if we don’t end up being your buyer we’re happy to chat and just give you some thoughts and things to think about.

So reach out to us at We’d love to chat to you.

Thanks so much.

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