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How to sell a rental property with a tenant

Being a landlord can be a great way to make extra cash flow (when things go well). Sometimes however, things don’t go so well with your tenants. They don’t always take care of the house and can cause extra maintenance of things like septic tanks and air conditioning. In worse cases they can cause damage to your asset. Being a landlord can be hard work and not everyone enjoys it. We speak to rental property owners all the time who are ready to turn their investment property into cash and move on from managing tenants. They generally have a lot of questions about the process so we put together these frequently asked questions about selling your house with tenants. If you have any other questions or would like to discuss the potential of us buying your rental property then feel free to give us a call.

Can I sell a rental property with the tenants in it?

Yes you can sell your rental property while the tenants are there. We buy rental properties so don’t mind having a tenant there. If they are good tenants we would be happy to keep them. We know it’s hard to present your property when you have tenants as they won’t stage the house for you or may not be cooperative with inspections. We understand this and this isn’t an issue. We buy houses all the time and the way they are staged is not a factor for us. We would only need a 5 minute inspection of the property before we make a firm written offer to buy it and only look at the main structure and mechanics of the house. We can also give you a fair indication of what we would pay once we speak over the phone so will only ever bother your tenants if it looks like we can pay your price.

What if they are bad tenants?

While we much prefer good tenants, we will still buy a house with bad tenants. We have experience with evicting tenants like this and repairing any damage they have done. So if you would prefer us to deal with this you can sell your rental to us with the tenant in place and we will take over this problem.

What if I don’t want my tenants to know I am selling?

We understand it can be sensitive letting your tenants know that you are thinking of selling. We can generally figure out if we can pay what you need for the house before we see it. We will have a phone call to get information about the condition and will do your research and be able to give you an indication of how much a cash offer on your home. This way we will only ever go and see the property if we are actually close to a deal. When we go to inspect your rental property we can also be discreet.

Can I sell a house with Section 8 tenants?

Yes, you can sell your house with section 8 tenants to Home Buyer Louisiana. We work with section 8 tenants and have no issues buying an investment property with a section 8 tenant. We just contact the city and take over the voucher and then work with the tenant. Even if they are a bad tenant we can try and get them back on track or evict them. If they are good tenants then we are happy to keep them as tenants after we buy the property.

Can I still sell the investment property if the house is vacant?

If your tenants have moved on and the house is vacant we will still buy it. We regularly buy rental properties that have sat vacant for a long time after a tenant has damaged it. We will fix these properties up so a new tenant can move it. We buy houses in As Is condition so the fact that the house may be damaged is not an issue for us and will not stop you from selling the house.

Can I sell a Duplex, 4 Plex or larger multifamily?

We buy Duplex’s, Triplex’s, Fourplex’s and any multifamily property up to 40 units. We are happy to buy them with any mix of tenants and vacancies. You can sell your multifamily or apartment building direct to us and we will buy for cash in As Is condition. Reach out to us so can discuss your property and determine a cash offer.

How fast can you sell a rental property?

We are cash home buyers so don’t need to wait around for bank approvals and inspections. This means we can make quick buying decisions and close as soon as the title is clear. You can have your house sold fast, sometimes as quick as 8 days if the title is clean but on average about 14-15 days.

Are you ready to sell your investment property?

If you are thinking of selling your investment property then reach out to Home Buyer Louisiana to discuss how we can make this process easy and profitable for you. We buy rental properties with or without the tenants all over Louisiana with a particular focus on Greater New Orleans.

How The Process Works

1. Tell us about your house and we will give you an estimate of our cash offer

2. If our cash offer is something that will work for you we’ll set up a quick appointment to view the property

3. We’ll give you a written cash offer for your consideration

4. If you are happy, we close at a reputable title company, cash in your hands in as little as 7 days or a date that suits you

We can do step 1 through 3 within 48 hours so you will quickly know whether we are the right the solution for you

Houses we have bought with the tenants in them

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