May 11, 2021

We buy vacant, inherited houses like this one in Covington

Inheriting a house that is vacant and blighted can be a real headache, particularly if you don’t live in the area. Generally the best thing to do when you inherit a house like this is to fix up the house and then sell to a homeowner. But what if you don’t have the time, money or energy (emotional and physical) to this. In that case reaching out to a cash home buyer like Home Buyer Louisiana can be a great option. In this video our founder Aussie Steve is doing an inspection of an inherited house in Covington that we are looking to buy. Watch the video and check out the transcript below.

Hey guys, it’s Aussie Steve here from Home Buyer Louisiana. We buy houses in any condition in Louisiana. Today I am inspecting a property we’re looking to purchase here on the North Shore in Covington. This is an inherited property. The current owner had inherited the house in pretty bad condition. The house has been sitting vacant for a long time. It’s definitely deteriorating. He’s getting chased for liens and code violations and he just wants to sell and be done with it.

It’s in really bad shape so he obviously reached out to a cash buyer like us who doesn’t need to get bank financing approved. Obviously bank financing wouldn’t get approved on a property like this. I’ll show you around a little bit, I won’t walk too far through it because some of the floors are a bit soft and I don’t want to step with this camera in the wrong spot and put my foot through it.

You can see that’s the Master bedroom and yeah look it’s in pretty bad shape. There’s just a lot of things to repair. Looks like I’ve got some black Mold, you know so the floors are pretty soft, so there’s definitely a few spots that have a hole in them and a few more that based on me stepping on them are getting there.

You can tell the house has been vacant for a while. There are a lot of cobwebs I’m ducking and you know it looks so this house is far from being ready for a homeowner to buy. So yeah not really ready to list with a realtor or anything like that. So obviously you want a cash home buyer like us who’s happy to come in and fix it up.

So if you have a property like this, actually it doesn’t have to be this bad. We do buy nicer properties too but we are generally buying properties that have some sort of issues that need to be solved or people need to sell the house really fast. So reach out to us we’re always happy to help give advice even if we’re not the best buyer, we’ll tell you straight up if we’re not the best buyer and you are best to do something else. We speak to a lot of people and we obviously don’t buy every house of every person we speak to. We certainly don’t try to so we’re always happy to give you honest advice and feedback.

If we are able to pay you what you need and that works for us as a project well then would love to buy the house and help you out. If it’s not then we’ll give you whatever advice we can and just help you through your situation. So reach out to us at or give us a call.

Thanks guys, have a good one.

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