May 14, 2021

We bought this vacant land in New Orleans East

While our name maybe Home Buyer Louisiana we actually also buy vacant land and lots like this one in New Orleans East. So if you are selling vacant land make sure you let us know about it. Check out the video of our founder Aussie Steve talking about a vacant lot that we bought in the East. You can also see a transcript of the video below.

Hey guys, it’s Aussie Steve here from Home Buyer Louisiana, we buy houses in ANY condition in Louisiana. We also buy vacant lots and land.

So I’m here at a lot we purchased in New Orleans East. The seller’s daughter had approached me on behalf of her Mom. Her Mom was getting on and she was ready to move on from this lot. There was a house on here a while ago but it has been vacant land for a while now and she was ready to sell it.

She had actually been trying to sell it for a while and had been having trouble finding a buyer. The lot is in New Orleans East and there’s a lot of stigma from investors about New Orleans East and a lot of investors don’t really like to invest in the area. It’s quite a common thing that I hear from investors that they don’t invest in New Orleans East. Personally I like the East and I think the fact that a lot of people don’t like it actually creates a lot of opportunities because there’s just a bit more value here. We own a number of properties in the East and we do flips in the area.

So we purchased this lot, you see there’s another lot next to it. We only have the one, look it’s a developed area, there’s lots of houses in here. We think this is a great place for a new build. So we’re happy, the seller was very happy. They got a good price that they were happy with all cash, we closed very fast and made the selling process really easy for them.

So look guys, if you have a lot or vacant land that you want to sell. Or maybe a house that you know needs repairs or work then reach out to us at We are cash house buyers and are pride ourselves on being easy to work with. We’re always happy to chat and see if we’ll be a good fit as a buyer. Even if we’re not a good fit we’ll tell you and we’ll give you feedback on some options that you might have. If we are a good fit and the price works for you then fantastic you can get your house sold fast and have an easy closing process.

I’ll speak to you guys soon thank you.

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