June 14, 2022

Owner wanted to sell his house after a divorce

Divorces are hard and often you need to sell your property as part of the divorce settlement. Sometimes its hard to get these houses in nice condition as there can be some conflict about who is going to put the time and money into fixing up the house. In those cases the owners generally want to sell the house in As Is condition. We like to buy houses in As Is condition so we can add value to the property so end up buying a lot of houses from people going through a divorce. In this video you can see our founder Aussie Steve at a property just like that. You can watch the video or read the transcript below.

Video Transcript

Hey guys, it’s Aussie Steve here from Home Buyer Louisiana. We buy houses in any condition in Louisiana. I’m here at a property we’re looking to purchase. We’re in Marrero on the Westbank of Jefferson Parish.

The owner reached out to sell the property. He had owned it for a while, but his ex-wife was living in it. They’ve been divorced for quite some time, and it had taken a while for him to get the property back. She’s moved out now and he’s taken possession of the property and unfortunately, she didn’t treat it well. The property is in a really poor condition.

It’s his family home. He grew up here, and he’s owned it for a long time. It was really sad for him to see the house in this condition, but he doesn’t really want the house anymore. He has other properties, and this isn’t where he lives. And now that his wife’s out of it, he wants to sell the house fast

It needs a fair bit of work before it would be ready for a homeowner to buy it. He doesn’t live close, and he didn’t want to do rehab on the property. So instead, he decided to sell it for cash in as is condition. This is the sort of property we buy.

We’re cash home buyers, so we don’t need the bank’s approval when we purchase a home. Banks will obviously want to do an inspection, and they’re going to look at the condition of the property and when it’s in bad condition, quite often, they won’t grant loan for the purchase of the property unless it’s a 203K construction loan, which are much harder to get and harder to sell.

So, it’s just not that practical. But for someone like us, since we pay cash, we make the decision. We check out the condition, but we don’t have a problem with the issues. We only need to know about them because we need to budget for them and plan to fix them. But they don’t scare us. We don’t mind if there’s a foundation issue, if the roof is off, or it’s gutted. None of that scares us. We need to factor it in because we need to spend time and money to fix it, but it doesn’t scare us. So, we can make you an as is cash offer. That way we’re able to come in, buy it, you move on, without having to clean or fix anything.

If you want to fix it yourself, that’s also a good option. If you have the money, time and skills to fix it yourself, then you should fix it up then you can sell to a homeowner and get the profit on that renovation.

We pay less than a homeowner because we’re going to put money and time into it. And obviously, we’re not a charity. We don’t do that to break even. We take that time and risk our money to make A profit. So, it’s just up to you. If you’ve got the time and the resources, do it yourself, then that’s the best option. But it’s just not always practical and for some people, it’s just way better to sell it for cash in as is condition and move on with their life. And that’s the case here.

I’ll show you around a little bit so you can see the sort of property we are on. His ex-wife left some stuff behind, and we’re happy to take the house like this. We’re going to need to do a rehab, and we’re going to get dumpsters, so we don’t mind if you leave stuff behind. We’ll throw some out as trash, and we’ll try to donate whatever we can to charity. As you can see, the house is pretty dated.

The roof has obviously got some issues. It’s been patched a few times and sagging, so this is going to be fixed. The wallpaper is nice but definitely dated. We’re going to need to update some of this stuff. New floors, paint, patch, et cetera. Obviously, it’s not ready to sell to a homeowner and all of this would need to be cleaned up.

We’re happy to come in and buy these for cash. So, if you have a house you’re looking to sell, maybe it’s like this and just dirty and messy. It might be worse; it could be gutted. We also buy a lot of properties from landlords who want to sell their rental with the tenants living there. So, we could still buy your house if you want to keep the tenants. We buy rentals as well as do flips, so we’re quite a good buyer.

Whether there’s a tenant that may not want to move, or the house is not in a great condition. We’re pretty happy to buy the property.

So, reach out to us at HomebuyerLouisiana.com. Check out our website. We have a fair bit of information on selling your house. Give us a call. We’re really happy to speak about your situation and see if we can help. We’re always happy to give you the best advice. We’ll make you an offer, and if the offer doesn’t work, we definitely aren’t offended by that, and we’ll give you whatever advice we can to help you figure out the best way to sell your property. We don’t need to buy every single house from every single person we speak to. So, we’re happy to help and if we are a good option for you, and the deal works between us, then we’d love to buy your house. We’re really easy buyers, and we close really fast. We make the process as simple as possible. So, give us a call or check out our website.

Thanks so much, guys. Have a good one.


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