June 11, 2022

We buy houses in Algiers just like this gutted property

We bought this house in Algiers in as is condition. Watch the video to hear our founder Aussie Steve talk about the property and the situation. You can also read the video transcript below.

Video Transcript

Hey, guys, it’s Aussie Steve here from Home Buyer Louisiana. We buy houses in any condition in Louisiana. I’m here at a house we’re buying in Orleans Parish. We’re in Algiers on the West Bank.

So, the sellers reached out to us. They’ve had this house for a while, but it was time for them to sell it. You can probably see that it’s a gutted house, so it needed a lot of work. They were originally going to do the work, but they’ve decided to sell it in the current condition.

If you can, it’s much better to fix a house up, put the money, effort, time in and make it a nice, beautiful home that a homeowner can buy. That’s your best option in most cases, but sometimes, you just don’t want to do it, or you don’t have the money, time or expertise to do it. Also, if you don’t do this very often, you could be worried it might actually cost you a lot of money.

So, in those cases, sometimes it can make sense to sell to a cash home buyer like us because we do this all the time. For us, this is not a hard project. We’re used to this stuff. We get better prices, we have better people, less things go wrong. You can sell to someone like us for cash in as is condition. It’s cheaper for us to renovate, so we can generally give you a pretty good price considering the condition, so you can weigh your options. You get to decide if you want to put the money and time in to fix it up, or if you want to sell it for cash in as is condition.

In this case, we’re purchasing it for cash in as is condition. You can see it’s gutted, so it needs a bunch of work. You’ll see it’s exposed to elements. Water has been coming in here. This is very damp. It’s not too much, but it’s very damp. The floors are quite soft here, so one needs to tread carefully. The house needs a full rehab, new roof, new floors, new kitchen, new bathroom, everything. So, it’s obviously for someone that doesn’t do this for a living, it’s a pretty big project. But for us, this is pretty normal.

So, if you have a house you wanted to sell in as is condition, then reach out to us. If your house is beautiful and ready for a homeowner, then you best list it with a realtor and get that homeowner cash.

But, if your house is like this, it doesn’t need to be as bad. Maybe you’ve got tenants in the property and it’s just some deferred maintenance, but you don’t want to have to kick the tenant out and fix it up. We’ll buy it with the tenants. We hold rentals, we like rentals.

So, reach out to us. If you want more information on options on selling your home, go to HomebuyerLouisiana.com. We have lots of information about different options when selling your house or give us a call, we’re always happy to help. We’re friendly, we’ll give you information. We don’t need to buy every single house from every single person that calls us so there’s no pressure to sell to us in any way. We’ll just chat and give you options. If our option is a good option, fantastic! We would love to buy your house, and if it’s not, that’s totally fine. We hope that our chat with you helps you think through and figure out what option is right for you.

So, thank you guys, have a good one.

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