October 15, 2021

We bought this Waggaman house in As Is condition

We bought this old run down house in the Waggaman/Avondale area. The house needed a lot of work but the owner was ready to move on and just wanted the house sold fast without having to clean it up or make repairs. You can see the video where our founder Aussie Steve takes you through the house and discusses the situation. You can also read the video transcript below.

Video Transcript…

We’re here at a property we closed about a week and a half ago. It’s in the Waggaman/Avondale area on the West Bank of Jefferson Parish.

The seller reached out to us. He had inherited the home from his uncle about nine years ago. So, he lived here for a good period, but the house had had a lot of deferred maintenance. A lot of things hadn’t been fixed, and it definitely was not in a condition to be listed with a realtor.

The garage fell down during Hurricane Ida, which happened after we contracted the property. It’s a nice old house on good land in Waggaman, but the garage fell down while we were in escrow, but that was okay. We were happy to deal with that as we were going to do a pretty significant rehab anyway.

You’ll see the house needs a lot of work. The owner left a lot of his belongings behind, he didn’t want to take with him when he moved to Texas. We’re fine with that. When you sell the house to us, we’re okay if you want to leave stuff behind. We know it’s really difficult to move, pack up and clean up and that’s really one of the benefits of selling to an as is investor like us. We’re happy to do the cleanup.

You can see the house itself is pretty dated. So obviously, we’re going to be cleaning this out anyway and doing a full rehab. We’ll obviously donate what we can to charity and the rest will go in the dumpster.

It’s going to need a lot of work. I do like the wallpaper, although it’s not really the modern taste, but it’s actually pretty cool. This is a big project which we’re happy to take on.

Obviously, this isn’t something that the seller would list with a realtor for a homeowner to buy. You really need an investor like us who is happy to come in, clean it out, fix it up, rehab and put money into it. We’re going to flip this property. Sometimes, we keep them as rentals, but we’ve already got our strategy on this one. So, we’re going to fix it up, rehab it, make it nice and modern and then put it on the market so a new homeowner can enjoy it and make their memories in the house.

So, if you guys have a house you’re looking to sell. Maybe you just want to sell in as is condition. You don’t want to clean it up and just want a real fast easy transaction then reach out to us. We are cash house buyers so we don’t need to get banks financial approval. A bank would probably struggle to get an appraisal and get their head around this in terms of the age and the condition. But for us, we’re fine. We’re local investors, we understand the market. We make quick decisions. We know how we operate. We know what our cost base is, we know what the value of the property is. We know what money we can afford to put into it; what money we can afford to buy it for that will make sense for the time, effort and energy we put into it.

So, if you have a house you want to sell, reach out to us. We’re happy to have a conversation even if our numbers don’t work, or we’re not the right buyer. We’re fine with that. We’re happy just to discuss your options with you, and let you know that we are an option and a cash offer is an option. And if you decide to fix it yourself and list it with a realtor or take some other route, that’s fine with us. We encourage that. We want you to have a good result. We don’t need to buy every single house from people we speak to. We just want to do good business, have smiling happy sellers at the closing table, and have a nice project to flip or a nice rental for our portfolio.

So, reach out to us. You can check out our website, homebuyerlouisiana.com. You’ll see lots of information articles etc. Speak soon.


Update: We completed the rehab on this house and you won’t recognize it. Check out the project update video here

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