October 13, 2021

We bought this gutted New Orleans East house

We buy houses in As Is condition so don’t mind buying gutted properties like this one in New Orleans East. The seller had been sitting on the property for awhile and it was costing them money and a mental stress so they reached out to us for a cash offer. We were able to make an offer that worked for them and we were at the closing table 8 days later. You can watch the video where Steve gives you a tour of the property or you can reach the video transcript below.

Video Transcript…

I’m here at a property we purchased about four days ago. I haven’t had a chance to get out here before now. We’re in New Orleans East. The previous owner had owned it for quite a while. Her husband had given it to her after they got divorced. Her family grew up here for a while, but it’s seen better time. She hasn’t been here for a while, and it’s actually gutted out and not in great condition.

The house had been a burden for her. She had some issues with the title she was trying to clear. Her neighbor was going to buy it, and for a year, she thought he was going to buy it, but they never actually came through on the sale. She eventually ended up calling us and just wanted to sell the house fast. And we were able to offer what she wanted, and we actually closed it in eight days.

We bought the house in as is condition, and she was really happy about that. The house was not ready to be listed with a realtor or sold to a homeowner, obviously you can see its gutted. So, it required someone with imagination to buy the property. Someone who walks through a place like this and sees the potential, sees what it can look like, and we do see that.

To us, this is a nice house. It had three bedrooms and a garage, but we are going to turn the garage into a fourth bedroom to make it a four-bedroom apartment. We walk through properties like this, and we see what they’re worth. Let me show you around the house. This is the master bedroom, on the other side is the other bathroom which is in the hallway. This is a garage, but for us, this is the fourth bedroom which will make the house more valuable. A regular buyer doesn’t see this when they walk into a gutted house.

So, we don’t mind buying a house like this. We have the imagination to make something out of it. Also, we buy in as is condition, so it doesn’t matter the condition, we look right through that. We don’t mind if your house is messy, dirty, or some things are broken, it doesn’t matter. We look right through that.

For intending homeowners, you need to present the property to them clean and aesthetically pleasing, as that’s how you get top dollars selling to them. But for someone like us, none of that stuff matters. We look straight through that to the bones of the house where we have our own imagination of what it could be.

That’s what we do, so if you have a house like this that needs repairs, maybe not ready for a homeowner to buy it, reach out to us. We’re always happy to help check out our website homebuyerlouisiana.com. We have a lot of information there on different options to sell your house, tips on working with a cash buyer like us, and all that sort of stuff. So, check it out. You’ll see lots of videos of houses we’re buying like this one, and those of happy customers who have sold their homes, and the experience they’ve had.

So, check it out and if you want to chat with us don’t hesitate to give us a call. Thanks so much guys, have a good day.

“It was a joy, we closed in 8 days and it was very easy”
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