June 22, 2022

Project Update – Waggaman Farmhouse Transformation

We buy houses in As Is condition and fix them up to either sell or keep as rentals. This means the houses we buy are normally in bad condition and we love nothing more than seeing the transformation. In this video we show the transformation on this Waggaman /Avondale farm house that we totally rehabbed. You can see the before video here and the after video on this page. You can also see a transcript of the video below.

Video Transcript

Hey guys, it’s Aussie Steve here from Home Buyer Louisiana. We buy houses in any condition in Louisiana. We’re in Jefferson Parish on the Westbank. I’m here at a property we bought about nine months ago. We bought the house from someone who inherited the property. He lived in it for a while, but he was ready to move to Texas, and he wanted to sell it.

I haven’t been here for nine months. The last time I was here, it was in a really bad shape, but it looks really nice now. These guys are to thank for that. They are from Pelican Realty. They are my property managers. They’re also investors. I get a lot of deals, and I buy a lot of houses and sometimes I’m too busy to do the work, so they help me out.

In this case, we had a partnership. I purchased the house, but these guys managed the renovation and fixed it up. They’re going to list it on MLS to sell it.

That’s how we’re able to do a lot of these deals. We’re always buying, and a lot of them we take down and keep to ourselves. But if we’re too busy, we have a big network, so we are still able to help the owners sell the house.

Let me show you around because what they’ve done is actually really impressive.

By the way, this is Stephen and Nick. So, Stephen will talk us through what they did here.

Stephen from Pelican Realty:

“So, we had to do a little bit of patching. We did a lot of painting, some new flooring. Also, we replaced the carpet in the bedrooms. Then we did a little update in the bathroom. We got a little barn door going on and a nice walk-in closet. The walk-in closet has a nice amount of room to hang your clothes. And we had a double vanity and then a shower.”

So, guys look, we won’t show the whole house. I might post some pictures. But the only thing I recognized was that handle, honestly, this is far different from what it was when I was last here 9 months ago. The owner could have done it himself, and he could have put in time, money and effort to fix it. Then he would have got the full value for selling it. But it wasn’t worth it for him. He wanted to leave. He was in a hurry, and he didn’t want to put time and effort into it. And to add to that, it was not really his expertise. He didn’t really know how to manage the rehab, same as many people. So, he was better off selling it to someone like us. If had decided to do the rehab himself, he probably would have spent a lot more money, and it probably would have taken longer.

We had our difficulties too. Hurricane IDA happened, and because of Covid, ordering materials was a bit slow. But we know how to manage these things.

So guys, if you’ve got a house you are looking to sell, if you don’t want to make it look like this and you just want to sell it in as is condition, leave the stuff behind, do give us a call. Go to our website, homebuyerlouisana.com We have lots of information on selling your home. And if you’re looking for property managers, check out Pelican Realty, these guys manage my properties too.

Thanks very much, guys. Bye.

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