March 4, 2024

We bought this run down Metairie property in as is condition

We love buying houses in Metairie. It’s a great area and a great market for flips and rentals. If you want to sell a house in Metairie that is a fixer upper we could be a great buyer and would love to make a cash offer on the property. Just like the house in this video. Our Founder Aussie Steve will talk about the situation and how we bought the house for cash. You can watch the video or read the transcript below.

Video Transcript

“Hey guys, Aussie Steve here from Home Buy Louisiana. We Buy Houses in any condition in Louisiana. I’m here at a house looking to purchase. We’re in Jefferson Parish, Metairie, or more specifically in the Bucktown area. We’re looking at a house that’s been inherited and has a reverse mortgage on it, which will need to be paid off.

So, the sellers are looking to sell it, but the property just not ready for a homeowner. If you look around, some of the carpet’s up, the kitchen’s a bit dated, and it’s missing appliances. It’s really a bit small for this neighborhood. The power’s been off for more than 6 months, which means we need to get it back to code before we can get the power back on.

Just a tip, guys: if you have a property that’s vacant, try to keep the power on. It’s going to need some new carpet or flooring, at least paint. So, you just need to work that the sellers don’t want to do. Some of the doors are off, and it’s definitely a dated bathroom with a dated shower.

Just not something that the people who inherited the property want to spend the time, money, and effort on to get it ready for sale. This is what we do for a living, so we’re very happy to do that. We’re able to pay a fair price that represents the condition that it’s in.

And because we fix properties for a living, it’s most likely going to be much cheaper for us to renovate and fix it up than for the homeowner. And obviously, a lot less stressful, because we do this for a living. We know things go wrong, and things go wrong for us as well, but we are pretty used to that.

It can be hard if you’re not that experienced at flipping or fixing a property and if you have other priorities. So, look, if you have a house like this that you just don’t want to work into, reach out to us at You can check out our website and see more information about selling your home.

Give us a call. We’re happy to chat. You know, no pressure with us. We do not need to buy your house. Like every call that we get, we don’t buy everybody’s house, right? So, we’re happy just to talk, hear about the situation, let you know how we could help, let you know what a cash offer would look like for you.

If there’s a number that works for you, fantastic. We’re really easy to purchase, really easy buyers. You don’t require to fix anything, clean anything. We just make it really easy for you. If the numbers don’t work for you, no hard feelings. We’ll just give you our thoughts. It’ll be an option for you.

We’ll generally give you opinions on what you may want to do to get the most money for the property. Again, we just want you to find a solution that works for you, whether that’s with us or not. That’s how we do business, and you know, we make sure we get lots of referrals and repeat business. Thanks, guys. Have a good one. I appreciate you.”


So you if you know anyone selling a house in a house in Louisiana let them know that we are buying. We are particularly focused on buying houses in Baton Rouge, Greater New Orleans, the Northshore and the Westbank at the moment”

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