February 22, 2024

We buy inherited houses with complicated title issues

We buy a lot of inherited properties. Some of these can have complicated chains of title and need multiple successions to clear the title for sale. We are used to navigating these and our title company can help with the succession so that it can be done as part of the sales process. This means that you don’t need to pay for the succession upfront and can instead use the proceeds of the sale to pay for the succession.

If you are selling a house you inherited, even if there are a lot of owners, reach out to us as we can probably help you  navigate the process. Like the situation in this video. Watch to hear our founder Aussie Steve talk about the situation or read the video transcript below.


Video Transcript

“Hey guys, Aussie Steve here from Home by Louisiana. We Buy Houses in any condition in Louisiana. I’m here with a property we’re looking to purchase in Orleans Parish, in the Florida neighborhood.

This was an inherited property; it’s been in the family for quite a while, actually. So, the property is still in the name of the grandfather of the owners, and unfortunately, that can make it quite complicated to clear the title because the grandfather had passed and had given it to the daughter, but given it in a physical sense, and not really in a legal sense with a will, etc. So, that paperwork was never done, and the mother had passed away, unfortunately. And now the children own it.

So, to clear the title, we need to do a succession for the grandparent. But without a will, then it needs to go to all of the heirs, because the sister, he sort of had given it to the mom, but since it’s not legal, you know, legally without a will, it’s going to be given to all of the brothers, all of the kids. So, you know, she actually did have some brothers and sisters, and you know, they had passed away too when they have children.

So, it just means all those successions need to clear to be able to get ownership to the current owners, and need to be split between them in the right amounts. You know, so, we’re not lawyers, we don’t do this, but we have title attorneys that we use to close properties and make sure they’re clear, and so they can do this.

And I think we can clear this one, normally if it’s one level, it’s normally pretty easy, just when you start to get multiple levels, like this person’s deceased, that person’s deceased, and they’ve got brothers that are deceased, it just, it can really complicate things. But we can also work through that. So, that’s what we do, and that’s what we’re doing here as well. I think we’re pretty much getting there; we’ve got majority signatures, and we believe we’ll be able to get this closed.

So, you know, this is pretty normal in New Orleans, so we deal with these sort of inherited properties all the time. It is vacant, you know, you don’t want to leave properties vacant for too long because they do deteriorate, and you often will get termites or unwanted intruders, etc. So, I mean, this house is pretty… it’s not as bad. I mean, if you watch my videos, you see we buy some pretty bad houses, this isn’t terrible by my standards, but definitely not ready for a homeowner, you know, mismatched flooring, you know, wall heaters, I’m okay for rental maybe, but, you know, yeah, it’s definitely, you know, for me this is actually good quality, but I’m sure for most people, you know, this is very bad and definitely not ready to be listed with a realtor.

So, you know, traditional shotgun, New Orleans double, there’s another side to it as well, so these are pretty good, pretty typical houses we buy. We’ll fix them and, you know, with these doubles, we’ll potentially keep them as a rental or sell them, either way.

But if you’re looking to sell a house in Louisiana, maybe it has… maybe you’ve inherited it, potentially your succession hasn’t been done, you don’t need to get it done first, you can speak to us and we can connect you with our title attorneys and they can do the succession as part of the sales process. So, reach out to us, maybe you’ve got a rental you don’t want anymore, maybe a house that just needs a lot of repairs and you don’t want to do those repairs before selling it, reach out.

We’re cash house buyers, which is important in this market. The interest rates are pretty high, and that’s made it… it’s made our retail… like when people are selling a fully done property, even when if we’re flipping it, it’s taking longer to sell because there are fewer buyers with those interest rates. So, you know, we don’t have that, we buy cash, we’re not subject to the interest rate, so, you know, we’re easy to close. So, reach out to us, Home by Louisiana.com. Thanks so much, guys.”


If you know anyone selling a house in a house in Louisiana let them know that we are buying. We are particularly focused on buying houses in Baton Rouge, Greater New Orleans, Metairie,  the Northshore and the Westbank at the moment”

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