March 26, 2024

I bought this house without seeing and this was my first visit after the closing

We have bought a lot of houses in Louisiana and we have become very efficient at it. We have Arione who has worked with us for over 3 years and knows exactly what information we need to know about a house to determine what the renovation is going to cost us. We have Jon who can run the numbers and determine what the house will sell for when the renovation is complete and can get contractors through the property for quotes. This allows me as the founder to trust the process and make offers without walking the house. While I used to walk all the properties we bought now I just approve the numbers and often turn up to closing without having seen the house. While I trust our process and my team I must admit I do still get nervous the first time I visit the house after a closing. In this video you will see me walking a house I just closed on but hadn’t actually seen.

Check out the video or read the transcript below…

“Hey guys, Aussie Steve here from Home By Louisiana. We Buy Houses in any condition in Louisiana. I’m here at a house we just bought. I literally just left the closing. We’re in St Tammany Parish in Slidell, so I haven’t seen this house yet. I’m going to bring you in for the first time. I haven’t actually looked at it. My team has and I have I’ve seen photos, you know? I have a team who’ll come and take the photos and assess it. My contractors have walked it a bit, so I feel comfortable buying a house like that without seeing it, but I must admit whenever I close and I drive for the first time, I get a little scared.

So, I got Robert, one of my contractors, with me as well. He’s coming to look at it as well. He hasn’t seen this one. We’re going to have to clean it out, so we’re ready to clean it out. Let’s have a look. It was an inherited property, so it’s been in the family for 30 odd years. But Mom had unfortunately passed on, and the kids are ready to go.

Okay, you know, I can smell the smoke, and it’s going to need a bunch of work, which we knew. There’s some mold, you know? So yeah, obviously, they did not want to fix this up. There was actually a tenant living in it. They just moved out actually. All this stuff in the house, you know, they left. We agreed, you know, when we buy a house, we buy them as-is, so you don’t have to clean up. They took everything they wanted and left the rest for us. So yeah, we’re going to have to clean this out.

So yeah, look guys, these are the sort of houses that we buy. So if you have a house like this that you know you don’t want to mess with yourself, that you just want to sell in as-is condition, then reach out to us at Home By Louisiana dot com. You can check out our website, get all the information. Thanks so much, guys. Have a good one.”

So you if you know anyone selling a house in a house in Louisiana let them know that we are buying. We are particularly focused on buying houses in Baton Rouge, Greater New Orleans, Metairie and  the Westbank at the moment


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