January 27, 2024

We buy inherited properties, like this one in Hollygrove

We buy a lot of inherited properties as we will buy them in “As Is” condition and will let the sellers leave unwanted items behind. We also work with great title attorneys that can do a succession as part of the sales process. In this video you can see our founder Aussie Steve talking about an inherited house we were buying in Hollygrove. Check out the video or read the transcript below.

Video Transcript

Hey guys, Aussie Steve here from Home By Louisiana. We buy houses in any condition in Louisiana. I’m here on a property that we’re purchasing in Orleans Parish, in the Holly Grove area. The sellers of this property inherited it, so it’s been in the family for a while. They haven’t completed succession yet; they’re in the process of doing it with a lawyer. Since they’ve already started the succession process, our title attorney will handle the closing, and they’ll pay for the succession from the proceeds of the sale. This arrangement is quite common for us; sellers don’t have to pay for succession upfront.

This house definitely wasn’t ready for a homeowner; it’s in pretty rough shape. As you probably know if you’re watching this, we buy houses in “as is” condition. We’re used to buying houses that need work; it’s the type of property we prefer. If your house is beautiful and ready for a homeowner to move in with everything updated, we’re not the buyers for you. We’re investors looking for properties where we can add value. Sometimes that value comes from renovating a dilapidated house like this one. Other times, it’s taking over a property with a problem tenant or dealing with deferred maintenance.

We can move quickly in situations like facing foreclosure or needing to sell urgently. As you can see, this property is vacant, but there’s evidence of rodents; there’s rat poo around, and there are holes in the walls. The tiles on the floor are loose, and the foundation isn’t even. It’s just not suitable for a homeowner in its current state.

Here’s a pro tip for investors: never open the fridge; you might not like what you find. If you have a property like this, you could try selling it yourself. You might get a higher price, but it comes with the cost of putting in the time and money to fix it up, plus paying realtor fees. We’re good at rehabbing; it’s what we do. We can renovate the property cheaper and easier than you probably can, considering all the costs involved.

If you’re considering selling a property in “as is” condition, reach out to us at Home By Louisiana. Check out our website for more information, videos, and content. Give us a call, and Aaron in our office will be happy to speak with you, gather information about your property, and make an offer if it works for both parties. If not, we’re still here to offer advice and be an option for you. Thanks, guys, and have a great day!

So you if you know anyone selling a house in a house in Louisiana let them know that we are buying. We are particularly focused on buying houses in Baton Rouge, Greater New Orleans, Metairie,  the Northshore and the Westbank at the moment”

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