December 13, 2023

We buy inherited houses in NOLA

We buy inherited houses regularly. Particularly ones where the house needs repairs and is full of belongings. As house flippers and property investors we don’t have any issue with cleaning out and repairing a property so love the opportunity to take on a project like this. It’s a win/win as the heirs get a hassle free sales where they don’t have to fix or clean anything and we get a new flip project.

You can see an example of the sort of inherited houses we buy in this video. Check it out or read the transcript below.

Video Transcript

Hey guys, Aussie Steve here from Home by Louisiana. We buy houses in any condition in Louisiana. I’m here at a house in Orleans Parish today in the Seventh Ward. The story of this house is that it’s been in the family for a long time. There are five owners, some from previous marriages, etc. All of them have agreed to sell, and we’re pushing forward with the purchase.

Their title attorney will need to handle some successions, but we take care of that as part of the sales process. Although the property holds sentimental value, it has fallen into disrepair due to complications with multiple owners not contributing to maintenance.

It’s a common scenario when multiple people own a property, making it challenging to decide who pays for repairs. Unfortunately, the house has termite damage, as you can see behind me. This front room is unsafe to walk on, and the termite nest is evident. The foundation was bored right onto the ground, leading to these issues.

Despite the repairs needed, we buy houses like this all the time. This triplex isn’t ready to be sold to a homeowner or through a realtor without significant work. We are accustomed to handling successions, and if you’ve inherited a property and want to sell it, we can assist. The title attorney can handle the succession paperwork, and the cost can come out of the proceeds of the sale.

Whether you’ve inherited a property or have a house in similar condition, reach out to us at Home by Louisiana. We’re willing to buy properties like this, and we use our contractors and expertise to make the necessary repairs. We offer a fair price for properties in these conditions, as our repair costs are often lower than those of regular individuals.

After fixing up the property, we may either sell it to a homeowner or keep it as a rental. In the case of this triplex, we’re considering both options. If you have a property to discuss, give us a call or visit our website at We’re always happy to chat about your situation with no pressure. We don’t need to buy every house, and we’re open to having a conversation regardless of the outcome. Thanks so much, guys, and have a good one

So you if you know anyone selling a house in a house in Louisiana let them know that we are buying. We are particularly focused on buying houses in Baton Rouge, NOLA, Metairie,  the Northshore and the Westbank at the moment”

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