January 30, 2024

Project Update – We Transformed this Gentilly Property

In this video you can see the transformation we made on a Gentilly property we bought a few months earlier. We love doing these transformations and taking a dated and damaged house and getting it ready to be a home for a new owner or tenant. Check out the video or reach the transcript below.

Video Transcript

“Hey guys, Aussie Steve here from Home by Louisiana. We Buy Houses in any condition in Louisiana. Here at a property we purchased a while ago, we purchased it on December 1st last year. It’s now January 23rd, I think 24th, so a little under 2 months ago. I did a video when we purchased it.

Someone had owned it for a long time; they just wanted to sell for cash, as is, on a certain date. They wanted to sell on the 1st of December. They reached out to us well before that, actually. They wanted to close on that day, so we closed on that day, and they moved out, and we took over the property.

So, I want to give you an update on what it looks like. It was a dated property. It had a bunch of ceiling damage from Hurricane Ida. So, we’ve obviously replaced the sheetrock, we put new insulation on top, we fixed it, and we’ve also just updated the place.

Fully painted, got some new light fixtures in the place. The kitchen was okay, and if it was a rental, I probably would have left it. But we are flipping this; we’re going to sell it to a new homeowner. So, we rehabbed the kitchen. We did use the existing cabinets, but we painted them. They haven’t got the handles on them yet; that’s coming next.

We should list this next week, hopefully. But nice color, painted them, refinished them, new stone, you know, new faucet. So, just basically making it a new kitchen, new flooring. We did keep the flooring; it was okay in this room. You know, it’s not a high-end property; it’s a two-bedroom, two-bath, so more affordable.

So, we didn’t go overboard with the rehab, but we definitely updated it. We totally updated this bathroom. You know, new tiles, new tile surround, new tub, new faucets. So, you know, still got the mirror here, so still a couple of little finishing touches we’re putting on.

This bathroom, again, new floor, new vanity, lighting. Actually, kept some of the original. So yeah, now it’s a nice clean house, ready for a new homeowner. A two-bedroom, two-bath in Gentilly.

So, you know, when the houses look like this, we probably aren’t your buyer. So, we like to make houses look like this. So if your house is beautiful and nice, then probably not your buyer. Probably best to list with a realtor and get a homeowner to purchase.

But if you’ve got a house that’s got some damage, this one wasn’t too bad, but it definitely had damage from Ida, which you didn’t want to fix. While the kitchen and bathroom were fine, you know, if she could have rented it out as it was.

But she didn’t want to be a landlord; she wanted to be done with it and sell it. And just when you have a dated kitchen, if you haven’t updated it in the last decade, just the home, even if it’s fine and nice and functional and you’re living there, it’s just not what a new homeowner wants to buy, right?

When they’re buying a house, they want something that’s move-in ready, that’s updated. So, it’s just hard to sell the houses when they’re not updated. People won’t pay as much for them, but even they just don’t want them.

If I’m buying a home, I want it updated; it’s just what they do. So, you know, if you can update it, update it and sell it. That’s the best thing to do; that’s what we do, right? But if you don’t want to spend the time, effort, money to do that and just want to sell it at a fair price, all cash, as is, then we’ll come in and fix it.

We do this for a living, so you know it’s going to be much less stress for us to do a rehab on a house than for you, probably, if you don’t do this very often. And we’re probably going to do it a lot cheaper. You know, we have guys we work with; we probably negotiate better prices because we do volume.

And we’re just ready for the issues. There are issues; we absolutely have issues that come up when you start doing a rehab. But there are issues we’ve generally seen.”

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