March 21, 2021

Project Update: This uptown double was transformed into a spectacular single family home

We are very proud of the transformation on this Uptown double. When we first met the seller the house had a tenant in one side, was vacant in the other and had very significant termite damage. The house also had an $80,000 road home lien and the seller was struggling to sell the house for what she wanted net of the road home lien. She then reached out to us and were able to pay her what she wanted and we got out title attorney to get the road home lien significantly reduced. You can check out the before video here.

9 months later and the house has been totally transformed. We turned it into a single family residence and added a camel back to it. We had to rebuild the majority of the house due to the termite damage but were able to keep some of the historic elements that makes this home so special. 9 months ago our seller was really happy with being able to turn the house into cash and now we are ready to make a new owner happy. We love the transformation process and how everyone benefits from these projects. Watch the video to see the transformation and see the video transcript below…

Hey guys Aussie Steve here from Home Buyer Louisiana. We buy houses in any condition in Louisiana. I’m here at a house that we closed on 9 months ago. We came back, for a project update and it’s looking beautiful. I’ll put a link to the old video. For a bit of background, it’s a double in Uptown New Orleans on Tchoupitoulas street.

It was in really bad condition, termites had eaten the majority of the walls, we first checked the house out in termite swarming season and there was wings all over the floor. If the termite stopped holding hands the place would have totally fallen down. Also the house had about $90,000 worth of road home liens on the property. So that was stopping her from selling it and we were able to help her out and actually get those liens greatly reduced. And make it work for her.

Nine months later, we’re here. I can’t take credit for this work, we partnered with Sean from asset protect LLC w, who did this work and he knocked it out of the park.

So I might get Sean to tell us a bit about what what’d y’all did

SEAN: We took the duplex and we. Tore down the wall between the center and turn it into a single. And during this process of construction, we put a huge master suite on the second floor in the Camelback, and we put a one bedroom Airbnb on the side that the new owner that purchases it from us can either turn into a short-term rental because of the zoning of this area. Or they can use it as a long-term rental.

STEVE: This is a great kitchen, Sean, it’s really, really nice. He had to rebuild everything back here just because I have been eaten so badly by termites, pretty much from the back here, it’s the same layout but its essentially new build from here.

So you see the Jack and Jill bathroom, you know, the kids will love that. The Airbnb side in here. But what I really need to show your is the master bedroom, because it is amazing. So how soon this go on the market again Sean, like two days, right? So new home owner is gonna love this place. So check out from up here. We are on the parade route, um, and this beautiful master bedroom.

So this was added on. So, so this was just one level. Sean and his guys added the camel back to it. No, this is a his or her closet. There’s two in here and his bathroom is amazing. The shower heads. They’re going to be put up, but check out the shower.

All of a sudden I am feeling inferior. Like I didn’t have enough switches in my shower back home, so might need to do something about that.

So absolutely beautiful transformation here. Look, I’ll link to the old video and maybe some of the old photos you can say, we look like, but it’s, it’s, it’s a complete transformation. Uh, it took nine months now their house is ready for new homeowner to come enjoy it. They really going to enjoy it. It’s going to be great for them.

And we’re really happy that we could help the seller move on from this house that was in really bad condition. And we’re really great that a new family can come and enjoy it here. So, thanks guys. Thanks for watching. And I’ll put a link to the old video of the old, the place before it was renovated back then.

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