March 28, 2021

Project Update – We are mid rehab on this New Orleans East Flip

People often wonder why we are happy to purchase run down properties in As Is condition. When something needs an update we don’t really mind about the condition because we are probably going to get in and demo a bunch of the property so we can build it back better. You can see an example in this flip we are currently working on in New Orleans East. The house was in bad condition when the seller sold it to us but at this stage of the rehab we have just made it worse. The trick is when we add all the updates it is going to be much better and a new home owner will appreciate it.

Check out the video and see the transcript below.

Hey guys it’s Aussie Steve from Home Buyer Louisiana.

We’re here at this house that we purchased a little while ago. We’re currently in the process of flipping it so I am going to give you a project update. It’s a property in New Orleans East, we purchased it from a homeowner who had been renting it out. It was their family home initially but they’ve been renting it out since Katrina and had a lot of disrepair. We bought the house for cash and are updating it.

We’ve got a nice full skip bin (that’s Australian for Dumpster) behind us and I’ll show you how we are going on the rehab. So it’s not looking pretty, you can see we’ve ripped out the kitchen, so the kitchen’s gone and we’ll have a much nicer one next week. We ripped out the floor, the flooring wasn’t very good and the ceiling had been leaking so we got in and fixed that up.

There’s a new roof being put on the property and there’s lots of things going on. So you see the bathroom, we’ve gutted it out and we’re gonna get a new one in shortly. This cabinet will be gone, we are just keeping so we have water. The shower is cut out and we’re gonna replace that.

So, yeah look, again we bought this house As Is, you know it had some issues and as it looks now we made it worse. We have demoed out a lot of it so it’s even worse than when we bought it but give us a little period and you’re going to see it’s going to be beautiful. When the house is ready a new homeowner is going to really enjoy moving in. So we’re excited and I’ll probably do another video when we’re done and you can see the finished product.

If you have a house looking to sell in Louisiana, maybe it needs repairs and you just don’t want to do them, then we are happy to do those repairs. We’ll purchase the house for cash in As Is condition. Since we don’t need bank financing for it, it doesn’t matter if there’s issues and it doesn’t matter if it won’t pass an inspection. And because we pay cash it means we don’t need to wait for the banks to get their appraisals and inspections and you can get your house sold fast.

So if you want to sell your house fast, you don’t want any hassle and want to be able to leave the mess behind, give us a call. We’ll be happy to talk to you about your property and see if that can work.

Thanks guys have a good one

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