March 20, 2021

We bought this 6 Plex with tenants in As Is condition

We bought this 6 plex with tenants in it for cash in As Is Condition. We closed in 10 days and made sure it was a quick and easy sale for the owner. The owner was actually our property manager and had owned the property partnership with someone else. He was looking to wind down the partnership and reached out to us to see if we wanted to buy it. He knew we were easy to work with and would make it a really easy sale even with all the tenants in the property.

Check out the video for more details and see the transcript of the video below…

Hey, guys, it’s is Steve from Home Buyer Louisiana, we buy houses in any condition in Louisiana. I’m here at a property we closed on two days ago. So this is a six plex on the West Bank of Orleans Parish in Old Algiers. So this one is interesting. my property manager actually owned this property in partnership with someone else and he was looking to wind up that partnership and wanted to sell it.

We agreed to purchase it all cash in as his condition. We closed on it in 10 days as he wanted to get out of it. We bought it in As Is Condition. It’s not too bad condition. There’s a few things to fix with some deferred maintenance, but not too much.

We love rentals and this is a good rental. Our property manager was already managing it, so this made it pretty easy transition. So he’s still managing it. But now we own the property and he’s out of that partnership. We do buy multifamily like this. We also buy single families. So if you want to sell I would definitely be buying. You know, when we buy it from you, we’re really easy to deal with. We’re all cash. You don’t need to wait around for bank approvals, inspections, appraisals, all that stuff. We move fast and so you can sell your house fast. We buy in as is condition. So we don’t mind if there’s repairs to make. You know, this one isn’t too bad is more speed, which is what the seller wanted.

And just easy, you know, he knew me so new wasn’t easy. Say otherwise though. Like if your house needs repairs, that’s fine. We make repairs. We understand it’s hard to sell when you need repairs. But as an investor, we’re not looking to move in. So we’re not looking at the house going, hey, this is beautiful like we want to live there. We’re looking and saying, hey, we see what it could be. We see the potential. So we’re fine to get in, make repairs, fix it up, get it ready for either a new tenant or we’ll sell it, you know, flip it to a new owner. So, look, reach out to us. You can check out all information on ask questions on our site home via Louisiana dot com. Thanks, guys. Have a great day.

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