June 28, 2021

We bought this house As Is and now its ready for a tenant

While we do flip properties, were possible we prefer to fix them and keep them as rentals. Like this property in New Orleans East that we bought in As Is condition and then fixed it up for a tenant. While we always make sure we create a great house for our tenants we won’t go as high end with our finishes and ensure the house is more durable. You can watch the video of our founder Aussie Steve walking the property and talking about what we did or you can read the video transcript below…

We’ve got a project update for you. This is a property we picked up about a month ago in New Orleans East. It was a property we picked up from owners who’d owned it for a long time, and they’d rented it to someone for a little while, but they were ready to move on.

So, we bought the house in As Is condition, and we just got it ready for a tenant. This is an almost already property, it just needs some final touches. So, we painted the place and got it ready. We did a video when we first walked through it. This was painted ghastly red, and there were a bunch of stuff that we cleared out. There was a carpet here before. We took the carpet out and put the luxury vinyl tile in. We did the same thing here. So, we just put in new flooring, fresh paint, a new AC unit as well as a new roof. We did a bunch of updates.

We are keeping it as a rental so we won’t go all the way. If we were flipping this, we probably would have updated the light fittings and a couple of other things. The kids’ room is pretty good. There was something here that was just taking up space so we demolished it. But we kept most of the original settings of the kitchen.

This is a really nice rental property for someone to move into in New Orleans East. I’m sure we’ll get a good tenant, possibly section 8. We do section 8. This house is ready for someone we love to get the properties, change them, let someone be able to move in and enjoy the use out of the property.

If you are looking to sell a house, and you don’t want to do the work, you don’t want to put in new floors, paint, change the roof, do the AC and any of those things, then just reach out to us. We don’t mind doing those things. We are cash buyers, we’re really easy to work with, and we’ll make it a very easy transaction.

With us, you can sell your house really fast. You can move on, leave belongings behind if you don’t want them, and we would make it a really simple process. If you can put in the work yourself, that’s fine as well. Get on with it and list it with a realtor. Get homeowners who fall in love with the property and if they buy with bank finance, you’re going to probably make more money out of it. But you will need to wait for the finance to be approved and all that sort of stuff.

If you have that time and the ability to put the work into it, then I recommend you do it. But if you don’t, someone like us is a really good option to come in and just buy the property for cash and let you move on.

That’s it for now. Thanks guys, have a good one. Speak soon!

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