July 14, 2021

We buy foreclosed on properties like this one in Harvey

We buy houses in ANY condition. Sometime this is properties that have been foreclosed upon and sat vacant for long periods of time (We do prefer to buy them before the sheriff auction so we can help the owner stop the foreclosure). Like this property on the Westbank of Jefferson Parish. Check out the video of our founder Aussie Steve inspecting the property and see the video transcript below:

Hey Guys, It’s Steve from Home Buyer Louisiana. We’re at a property we’re looking to purchase. This one is on the West Bank of Jefferson Parish in the Harvey area.

The owners of the property reached out to us. They actually live out the state. The old owners had actually passed away in the property, and they had a mortgage on the house which obviously fell into a reuse and was foreclosed upon. The people who actually own that note and had to foreclose upon it lived out of the state. So, they reached out to us to purchase the property because it’s not in a great shape and definitely doesn’t qualify for bank financing and we need to work on it.

That’s fine because we buy houses like this, and we don’t mind doing the work, and making repairs. I’ll show you around. You can see it’s not really ready for a homeowner. You’ll see at the back here, up in this roof, there’s water coming through all the way down here. You can see the pool of water there.

The house has some custom features that not everyone is going to like. It needs a good clean out, painting, and the likes.

There are termites in the house. Houses really don’t sit in Louisiana left alone without termites coming in. The house also has some mold issues.

The house is far from being ready for a homeowner to move into. But we’re happy to take on projects like this. We’ll come in and fix it up so that a new homeowner can enjoy it or could also put a tenant in place and rent it out.

We buy properties like this all the time. So, if you have a house you are looking to sell, and you want to get rid of it easily and quickly, and you don’t want to do the repairs yourself, reach out to us. We’ll be happy to buy it in As Is condition. We’re pretty easy to work with. We make it really hassle-free and simple.

We’ll be honest and transparent with you. If we don’t think we’re a good buyer we’ll tell you straight up, and if we think we are, then that will be great, as we would love to do a deal and help you get away from your property, and you get paid for it.

Reach out to us at Homebuyerlouisiana.com. You’ll find lots of information on our website, lots of FAQs, case studies etc. Feel free to have a look around and learn a bit more about how to different ways to sell a house in Louisiana and about us

Thanks guys, have a great day.

We bought this house As Is and now its ready for a tenant
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