June 21, 2021

We buy houses like this gutted duplex in New Orleans East

We aren’t scared of a big rehab and often buy houses that are gutted and vacant. We love taking these run down eyesores and restoring them to their former glory. It brings up the neighborhood and everyone wins when we rehab these blighted houses. Watch the video of this gutted Duplex that our founder Aussie Steve is inspecting so you can see the sort of houses we will buy (We do buy better houses as well). You can also see the transcript of the video below.

I’m here at a property we’re looking to purchase in New Orleans East. It’s a duplex, and it’s been vacant since Katrina, so it’s in a pretty rough shape.

The owners reached out to us as they obviously aren’t making money from it. It’s been vacant for a long time, and they’ve been paying taxes and the likes as well as getting a lot of code violations because the property is in a bit of disrepair. This is a problem property for the owners, and they’re looking to get rid of it.

We’re cash investors and we buy houses like this. We don’t mind if the property isn’t in great shape. I’ll show you around a little bit.

It’s going to be really hard for a bank to approve a loan with this property as collateral. It isn’t in a great condition. So, this isn’t really something they’re going to approve for a loan. Considering this, it is quite hard to sell the property traditionally. Also, not a lot of homeowners would be willing to move into a property like this. But for us, we are investors so we don’t mind buying properties like this in As Is condition.

It’s a big property which is good, but this also makes it more expensive to rehab. There’s a lot of square footage to fix. And as you can see, pretty much everything needs to be redone.It is gutted out. Some of the stuff is in bad condition too. It hasn’t been lived in for a while so, it does need a lot of work but that’s not a problem for us. We buy properties like this all the time, and we don’t mind putting in work, be it time, money or expertise to turn these properties into something the owner can make some money from.

Also, bringing the property back to life, and transforming it from the eyesore that it is, is good for he neighborhood. More so, the doors are open. It’s therefore a liability to the owner because local kids could come in here and could easily hurt themselves and then, the owner could get sued. So, it could end up costing them a lot more than it already is.

If you have a house you are looking to sell a house in Louisiana reach out to us at Home Buy Louisiana to discuss your options. We’re happy to chat with you and see if we’re a good fit, we don’t mind if it looks like this. We also buy houses in better condition too. So, it doesn’t have to look like this. If your house is perfect and ready for a homeowner, and you’re in a hurry then you probably are going to want to use a realtor, but if your house needs some sort of repairs or you just need to sell really fast then we’re a good option.

Give us a call, let’s have a chat. We’ll always be honest and tell you your best options. We might tell you that “hey you best list this with a realtor or try something else.” It all depends on the property. We don’t need to buy every house someone calls us about. We want to make sure it’s a good fit for us and for you. So, feel free to give us a call. Also, have a look around our website, homebuyerlouisiana.com. We have a lot of information, frequently asked questions, case studies on it. So, have a scroll around and educate yourself on the options you have to get rid of a property like this.

Thank you so much guys. Speak soon!

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