August 3, 2020

We bought this gutted house in New Orleans East

We bought this gutted house in New Orleans East. The house had been vacant since Katrina. The owner had raised it and put a new roof on it since then but that was about it. It needed a complete rehab to bring it back to an inhabitable property. The owner had intended to do something with it but he just had other priorities so never got to it. In the meantime he was paying property taxes and a note. He also had to keep the property maintained to avoid code violation liens. A vacant property can be a real drain financially as well as mentally. They also tend to lose value over time as termites move in (and they never pay rent) and you can get break ins and the property can be vandalized.

He realized he was never going to get to fixing it up so it was better to just sell the house for cash and let someone else do the work. We buy houses in As Is condition so we’re able to buy the house for cash and get the owner out from under it. We were able to pay a price that worked for the owner and for us. He is really happy to not have to worry about the property anymore and we are happy to have another project to work on. We like fixing up properties like this. We can use our knowledge and skills to add value to the house and it is satisfying to see a house like this brought back for a new owner or tenant.

If you have a house in Louisiana that you are looking to sell to a cash buyer then give us a call or fill in our online form. We are happy to discuss the options you have to sell your house and see if we are a good fit as a buyer. Even if we aren’t the best fit as a buyer we will still give you advice and ensure you feel like you have more options than when you first reached out to us. We are based in New Orleans but have a large network of investors that we work with so buy houses all over Louisiana.

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