September 7, 2021

Project Update: We bought this As Is and now its a nice clean rental

This is a property we bought a month ago in New Orleans East. We just got through rehabbing the property and have just listed it for rent so we can find a nice tenant for the house. In this video Steve is walking through the property so you can see what we big with it after we bought it. Unfortunately the house did get a little damage from Hurricane Ida which just came through, but thankfully nothing to major. Check out the video or read the transcript below.

Hey guys, this is Aussie Steve from Home Buyer Louisiana, we are New Orleans based cash house buyers. I’m here at a property we just fixed up. It will be used for rental, and we listed it for rent last week. I had done a video earlier when we first bought, which I will provide a link to.

The owner wanted to sell in as is condition, so we bought it and put money into fixing it up. We put some new floors in, painted the property, cleaned it up and got it ready as a nice rental. The window seals had taken in moisture so we repaired them, the floors needed to be changed in some of the rooms and there was a lot of wallpapers in the bathroom. They were nice, old wallpapers but they were not up to modern taste, so we got them removed. We also made the stairs more secure upstairs, so it’s ready to be rented out.

Unfortunately, we just got hit by hurricane Ida. So, we’re driving around our properties now and checking them out. So far, we’ve had a little bit of damage but nothing major. On this property, we lost a fence which the old owners actually replaced during zeta, so it was a brand-new fence, but the hurricane had taken it out and there was also a new roof that was put on after zeta which held up pretty well, but we lost some of the shingles in that corner as well. But overall, it did pretty well during the hurricane.

So, guys, if you have a property you want to sell in Louisiana, if you just want to sell it in as is condition even if it’s damaged, we don’t mind, we’re happy to fix it up. So, just reach out to us at We have a lot of information there about selling your house, the different options you have, case studies of people who have sold the house to us, and a lot more information.
So, if you want to chat, give us a call. We’re happy to chat with you. We pride ourselves in being really easy to deal with. Whether we end up buying it or not, we’re really easy to work with, and you don’t have to clean your house. We make the process really easy even if you don’t end up selling to us, we’re happy to help. Our job is to help answer questions and when that turns into properties we buy, that’s fantastic. We don’t need to buy every property. So, we’ve got no issue just helping you and giving you advice. We may advise you to list with a realtor or take another route. So, give us a call or visit our website,

Thanks so much guys.

We just closed on this Rental in As Is condition
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