September 23, 2021

We bought this Hurricane Damaged house in As Is Condition

We bought this Algiers house in As Is condition. It had hurricane damage, termite damage and a lot of other repairs were needed. All this is OK because we are cash house buyers so don’t need to get bank approval for our purchases and we aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty. You can watch the video as Steve walks through the property and discusses the sellers situation and how we enabled them to sell their house fast. You can also see the video transcript below.

I’m here at a property we just closed on, we left the closing earlier today. We’re on the Westbank of Orleans Parish in Algiers, or I guess the Aurora area. So, we purchased this house from the owner who had owned it for eight years. He originally inherited it from his father. But he’d been living with his girlfriend who lives out of state so he’d been here on and off, and the house was in pretty bad shape. It wasn’t really looked after, so it needs repairs, plus it actually got some hurricane damage in Zeta.

The house was rough, so obviously, he wanted to sell it for cash. You can see the floors are all beat up, it’s a pretty dated kitchen, the bathroom is super dated, the lights. There’s termite damage.
Hurricane Zeta also caused damage to the roof. This has caused water to be coming into the property, and has also resulted in mold in the property. Obviously, that’s an issue, but they had tarped it, and it’s been alright. But actually, after we signed the contract to purchase it, we were going to close within two weeks and then about a week afterwards, hurricane Ida came through. So, that wiped out power and just pushed back the closing to another week and a half longer than it was meant to be. But obviously, there was danger of Zeta causing more damage to the property, and it did blow the tarp off, and it did cause a little damage. It caused water leaks from the roof.

But luckily, we buy properties in as is condition. We’re not a homeowner who is expecting a perfect home. We’d already seen the damage to the property, and it wasn’t a big deal. So, we still closed on it.

We pride ourselves on being easy buyers to work with. We want to make it easy to sell. Obviously, if a tree had fallen on the house, and we haven’t closed on it yet, that would have been a problem. It would have been an issue to close at the agreed price. Even though we buy in as is condition, the property needs to be in the same condition we saw it. The damage by Ida wasn’t significant. Nonetheless, the property is going to need a big rehab due to the roof damage and the termite damage.

From the different problems we need to fix, you can see why the seller reached out to us. He was never going to be able to sell this to a homeowner through a realtor. But that’s fine. These are the houses we buy because we’ll fix them up and we’re fine with doing that. That’s what we do. We know that not everyone has the time, money, energy or desire to rehabilitate a house, so he sold it to us.

Obviously, he could rehab it. If he puts the money and effort into it, he’s going to get more for it because he could sell it to a homeowner who’s going to use bank financing. And by all means, we encourage people to do that. But if you don’t want to, you can sell to a cash buyer like us because we pay cash and buy As Is. We don’t need to get bank financing. Obviously, a bank would not approve financing on this property, and that’s fine because we’ll buy for cash, and we’ll come in and put our money into it, use our expertise and network of people to fix it up, and turn it into a really nice house. Then, we are either going to sell it to a new homeowner who’s going to own it or rent it to a family that’s going to live in it and make use of it.

That’s our expertise, we’re happy to come in and do it if you don’t want to, and we’ll pay all cash. We buy in as is condition.

So, if you have a house you want to sell, something you know needs repairs, and you don’t want to do the repairs, give us a call, we’re happy to chat about your situation and see if we can help. You can look at our website, We have a lot of information there about selling your house in as is condition, and so much other information. So, check it out or give us a call.

Thank you so much guys, appreciate it.

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