September 27, 2021

Sell us your hurricane damaged house and keep the insurance check

Unfortunately hurricane Ida caused quiet a lot of damage to Louisiana. We were lucky to avoid any major damage on our rentals but lost a lot of fences and the majority of houses needed repairs to the shingles. We know there were lots of people worse off than us who lost their roofs and took water damage or may have had a tree fall on their house. We know this can be devastating both emotionally and financially. Luckily Louisiana people are resilient and know how to bounce back from set backs like this. This can seen by how fast many people got tarps on their roof and started to make repairs.

Dealing with adjusters can be a tiring process and then trying to find reliable contractors and coordinate the repairs can be hard work. It is for this reason that lots of people decide to keep the check from the insurance and then sell their house in as is condition. When you combine those two checks this is often enough to be able to move to a property that doesn’t need to have all those repairs made. For people that want to take this approach selling to a cash house buyer like us can be a great option.

In this video you can see our founder Aussie Steve at an uptown house that we recently got under contract. He talks through one of these situations of a home owner wanting to sell their hurricane damaged house in As Is condition. You can watch the video or read the transcript below…

I’m here at a house we have on a contract in New Orleans, in the Uptown area. The property was damaged, unfortunately in hurricane Ida. It had a flat roof which had come off and had significant water damage, so the owner doesn’t want to redo it. They got their insurance claims, and they will get a check from insurance for the damage, but they prefer just to sell it in as is condition and leave the rehabilitation of the property to someone like us.

As you can see, the property really got affected. There is water in the light, which is definitely as a result of water leaking through the roof. The doors also have mold, they got wet and expanded to now they won’t close. The floors are also all torn up. This is going to be a complete gut job.

The water was super damaging, and it was a good thing the owner was insured, so they will get an insurance payment. They could decide to use that money to redo the property, or they could also take that money and sell the property in as is condition. They chose the latter, which is good option for some home owners.

Look, if you have a property that’s been damaged by the hurricane, and you don’t want to fix it up. By all means, take the insurance check, sell the property in as is condition and use that money to buy somewhere that’s already done. You can leave the repair to someone like us who doesn’t mind coming in to do the job of fixing it up.

So, guys, if you’re interested in talking about your home, give us a call or visit our website, We have a lot of information there about selling your home in as is condition etc. Check it out, guys.

Thanks so much

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