March 19, 2021

We bought this vacant rental for cash in As Is condition

We bought this rental property in the Uptown/West Carrollton area. The owner really wanted to sell their house fast as they didn’t want to deal with tenants anymore. The tenants had moved out recently and while the owner had painted the house the roof started leaking and caused damage to the wall and floor. The foundation also had issues and the sills would need to be replaced. He just didn’t have the time, energy or inclination to make these repairs. Even beyond that, if he did fix the property up he just really didn’t want to have another tenant move in and damage the property. He just wanted to sell the house in As Is condition. We don’t mind buying houses like this as we have the resources and connections to fix up the house for a new tenant or owner. Taking on projects like this is a good way for us to add value to a property.

The owner was happy with the cash offer that we made on the house so accepted it. He wanted to sell fast and we were able to our title attorneys clear title and organize the closing within 9 days of signing the purchase agreement. The seller was really happy with how easy and fast the home selling process was.

If you know someone that is looking to sell a house in As Is condition then Home Buyer Louisiana may be the buyer for them. Even if they have bad tenants we can deal with that. It is ok if the house needs repairs or they don’t want to clean the house up. When they sell direct to us there are no realtor fees or commissions so they keep the maximum amount of money in their pockets. They can give us a call to discuss their property or simply fill in our online form and we will call them back.

LaTanya was happy with how quick and easy it was to sell her rental
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We bought this 6 Plex with tenants in As Is condition

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