September 10, 2021

Janice sold us her rental property with the tenant in it

Janice reached out to us as she and her husband wanted to sell their rental property. They had a tenant in place so it made showing the house difficult. To make things more complicated the tenant had been there for a long time and Janice didn’t want to see the tenant being evicted from the property. She reached out to us as she knows that we have a rental portfolio and may be a good fit to buy the house and keep the tenant in place.

Janice didn’t want to disturb the tenant too much and we were able to get information on the property over the phone. Based on that we were able to give her an indication of how much a cash offer on the house would be. We will generally always make a “soft offer” on a property before seeing it that is based on the information you provide and desk research on comparable properties in the area. This way we don’t waste your time or bother your tenants by coming out to look at the property if we aren’t in the same ballpark on price.

In Janice case we were in the same ballpark on price so we went by the house and the tenant let us in for a brief walk through inspection. That allowed us to make a firm written offer which was accepted and we agreed to close within 2 weeks as an all cash, as is sale.

Unfortunately hurricane Ida hit New Orleans 2 days before the scheduled closing and everything was shut down. Luckily the house didn’t get too much damage so we were able to close as soon as power was restored and the title company opened back up.

Janice and her husband Delton were so happy with how the process went for them. They were kind enough to do a video review of what it was like selling their rental property to Home Buyer Louisiana. You can watch the video or read the transcript below.

Steve: What was it like selling your house to Home Buyer Louisiana?

Janice: Selling the house, it was five words. Expeditiously, Accuracy, Professional, Courteous and overall it was excellent. No complaints.

Steve: That’s fantastic and you had a tenant in place in your property too, but she was able to stay. That was important for you right?

Janice: Yes she was so excited. Knowing that she didn’t have to move out. Everything worked out just perfect.

Steve: Great we appreciate it. It was actually the first time I met you today. Your tenant had showed me the property i know you dealt with Arione. So with how how was that?

Janice: Arione was very patient with us. Again courteous. She made courtesy calls towards us because we had hurricane Ida affect the initial date for the closing and she gave us an update and kept us informed. She was very, very professional and very, very patient with us.

Steve: Fantastic thank you, we appreciate you trusting us to sell your house to us.

Janice: Thank you Mr Steve it was a pleasure doing business with the both of you all

If you have rental property that you want to sell to a cash house buyer then give us a call or fil in our online form and we would love to discuss your property and if we would make a good fit as a buyer.

Project Update: We bought this As Is and now its a nice clean rental
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Joseph loved how “Quick & Easy” it was to sell his house

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