May 27, 2024

We are buying this Gretna property from an out of State Investor

Investing from the out of the area can be hard, especially if you are in another state. Get get lots of Out Of State Investors reach out to us because they are tired of managing tenants or flips from out of state. They like selling to us because we understand investors and make the sales process super easy. Just like this house that we are buying in Gretna. The owners lived in Virginia and was ready to change the asset from being a headache, to being cash in his pocket.

You can watch the video to hear our Founder Aussie Steve discuss the situation and show around the property. You can also read the video transcript below.

Video Transcript

Hey guys, Aussie Steve here from Home Buyer Louisiana. We buy houses in any condition in Louisiana. I’m here at a house we’re purchasing. We’re in Jefferson Parish on the West Bank, in Gretna. This is the first time I’ve seen the house. The seller had reached out to us looking to sell. He was an out-of-state investor who bought this house. I think they were looking to flip it or sell it, but being out of state, they just couldn’t really deal with it. They were worried about the house getting broken into. You’ll notice a mattress here. It’s a vacant property, so people will move in. They have a keypad and the house is boarded up, but people still find a way in.

We love Gretna and the West Bank in general. We have a lot of rentals here and we also flip houses. We definitely don’t mind fixing up a house like this. I’ll show you around in a second. Interesting story—we do this often for investors. He actually lives in Virginia, so he couldn’t show the property. We were able to figure out a number. We generally don’t have to see the property to give you a firm number if you provide enough information.

When you speak to someone in our office, they’ll ask a bunch of questions about the roof, the last time the kitchen was updated, and more. We know how much things cost and can look up sales in the area to figure out the value when it’s fixed up. This allows us to make an offer without seeing the property. We agreed on the price, but before we close, we need to put our eyes on it to make sure everything said is correct. Because he lives out of state, it was hard to get a key. We found something really helpful: Home Depot has a service called Key Hero, where you can save your key digitally. We use it for our rental properties. If anyone’s locked out, they can make another copy or share it with someone. The seller went to Home Depot in Virginia, made a digital copy of the key, and shared it with us. We then went to Home Depot and cut a copy. It’s a really easy process.

Now I’m checking out the property. It’s pretty much as he described—definitely very dated. The wooden floors aren’t too bad, but the rest is old. The power is not on, so we need to bring it up to code. The bathroom is very old, with cigarette butts in the sink and panel walls. It’s far from being ready to sell to a homeowner. The kitchen needs a full update. We’ll probably have to gut it and put up new sheetrock, paint, floors, and a new kitchen and bathroom. Once updated, we can either sell it to a homeowner or rent it out, as this is not a bad rental area.

This is what we do. We buy properties like this. If your house is beautiful and nicely fixed up, then we’re not your buyers—you want to sell it through a realtor to a homeowner. But if your house needs renovations and you don’t want to do them yourself, we’re happy to buy it. We pay a fair cash price and get stuff done a lot cheaper because we’re in the industry. The price we pay is generally pretty good for the condition. Many sellers love selling as-is, making it really easy. We don’t make you fix anything; we’re happy to take on the problems and fix them.

If you have a house like that, reach out to us at We’d love to chat. If you know enough about the house, we can make you a cash offer right then and there, and it will be a firm cash offer. Reach out—we’d love to speak. Thanks so much.


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