June 26, 2020

We bought this rental property in Metairie

We bought this rental property in Metairie. The owner lived on the North Shore and was sick of driving across the causeway when things needed to be fixed. The house was in OK condition, but was pretty dated. The owner wanted to sell the house in As Is condition and given there was a tenant in it she wasn’t going to be able to attract a home owner to fall in love with it and pay top dollar. She knew only an investor would buy the house so she decided to save on realtor fees and sell direct to an investor. She had a few investors look at the home and we were able to offer the best price for her so she sold her house to us for cash.

We bought the house in As Is condition and it did turn out there were a couple of issues with the foundation and a few other things but that was OK. These are things that we take responsibility for fixing. She was happy to be able to sell her house so fast and easily. She was also very happy to not have to answer calls from her tenant or drive to Metairie to fix things.

If you have a house you want to sell for cash then reach out to us for an obligation free cash offer. We don’t mind buying a house with tenants, a house that needs repairs, has outstanding tax liens or code enforcement violations. We buy houses in ANY condition and situation. Give us a call or fill in our online form to discuss if we are a good fit to buy your house.

We bought this inherited house with all the belongings in it
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