November 26, 2020

Another Happy Seller that sold their inherited house As Is

DeAundria was very happy with how easy it was to sell her inherited house to Home Buyer Louisiana. She lives in Texas and the house she inherited was in really bad condition. She contemplated cleaning it out and rehabbing it herself but decided that the stress of managing this from out of state was going to be too much. Cleaning the house out would have also been draining emotionally so she liked the idea of selling the house in As Is condition. We ended up buying it As Is with all the belongings that she didn’t want in it. We will do the clean out and donate what we can to charity and dispose of the rest. We need to renovate the house anyway so adding a few extra dumpsters is not too big a deal for us.

We bought the house for cash, which was important because it would have been virtually impossible for a bank to approve anyone to buy this house with financing due the condition it was in. This also meant that DeAundria could sell the house fast because we didn’t have all the approval processes and inspection requirements that come with bank financing.

The title to the house wasn’t in her name yet as it hadn’t gone through succession. We were still able to enter into a purchase agreement and have our title company work with the succession lawyer to transfer the title as part of the sales process. DeAundria was happy with this approach as she didn’t have to pay succession fees upfront and these were able to come from the proceeds of the sale.

Overall it was a very smooth process which DeAundria called “Easy Breezy”. She was very happy with the outcome and so were we. She turned an inherited house that was a burden on her into a cash blessing. We got a new project to work on.

If you know someone who has an inherited house that is more of a burden than a blessing, tell them to reach out to us and see if we can help turn that burden into a cash blessing.

We bought this inherited house in Harvey for cash
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