December 13, 2020

We bought this house with open Code Violations & Liens

The owner of this house reached out to us as they wanted to sell the house with code violations. They didn’t want to have to make repairs and get the code violations removed and instead just wanted to sell the house in As Is condition. We are happy to buy houses with code violations that need repairs as we know how to fix properties up for new home owners or tenants. Since we are cash home buyers we don’t need a bank to approve a loan and inspect the property for defaults. This means that all the repairs that this house needed wasn’t an issue. This also cuts down on a lot of the red tape and means we can get to closing really fast so the owners cash out quickly.

When the owner bought the house from the previous owner they didn’t get all the proper title work done and it turned out there was a judgement recorded against the property from the old owner. The old owner was deceased but the lien was still against the house and needed to be paid or released before the owner could sell the house. Our title attorneys worked with the lien holder and was able to negotiate a partial release of the lien so that the owner was able to sell the house and not have to pay that lien. These sort of situations are common and we have a great network of property experts to make sure these issues don’t stop a sale going through.

The homeowner was happy that even though the house was in bad shape, the sales process was easy. We were happy to get a new project to work on. We love working out these win-win situations and helping people cash in their problem properties.

If you know someone who has a house they want to sell that is in need of repairs tell them Home Buyer Louisiana may be a good option for them. They could give us a call and we would be happy to discuss their situation to see if we are a good fit as their buyers. Even if we don’t end up being their buyer we will always share whatever information we can to help them understanding their house selling options.

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Ned was happy with how fast it was to sell his inherited house

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