November 14, 2020

We bought this inherited house in Harvey for cash

We bought this inherited house in Harvey for cash. The house had been in the family for a while and when the current owner had inherited it they decided it was just better to sell the inherited house so they could use the funds for the next stage in their life. The property was in more of a rental area and an investor was always going to the buyer. The owner decided that they may as well avoid real estate agent commissions and fees and sell the house by owner direct to an investor. He reached out to us and we were able to pay him what he wanted so it made sense to just sell it direct with a simple transaction.

The seller liked that he didn’t have to clean the house up and stage it for open houses. We walked the house once to check the structural integrity of the house and bought the house in As Is condition. The seller was able to leave some of the rubbish behind and didn’t have to clean out. Since we pay cash for houses it means that we don’t need to have the banks do inspections and valuations. This cuts a lot of red tape and time of the sales process so the owner can sell their house fast without all the drama. We closed fast for cash and made sure the process was really easy for the seller.

If you know someone that has inherited a house or has a house they want to sell in As Is condition then Home Buyer Louisiana may be a good option for them. We pride ourselves on being easy to work with and making the home selling process as easy as possible. Since we are investors we don’t need to see the house cleaned up and staged. We understand property and don’t buy on emotion so don’t need to see the house staged. We just need to figure out the condition of the structure and what rehab is needed and can figure out a purchase price with a 5 minute walk through. If what we can pay for the house matches what you want for the house we can close fast with a really easy transaction. If it doesn’t we are still happy to offer advice and feedback that will help you get what you need for the house. Give us a call or fill in our online form to discuss your specific situation.

Another happy Seller who sold their house fast in As Is condition
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Another Happy Seller that sold their inherited house As Is

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