October 12, 2022

We partnered with Courtney Fricke to buy this Duplex

Our network is one of the most important assets in our business. We are able to buy so many houses because we know who to partner with, who to hire and who we need to be talking to in order to solve complex property and title issues. Courtney Fricke is someone that we work with a lot. We actually co-own a bunch of properties together and will often partner with each other on deals. This deal was a really good example of one of those partnership situations.

You watch the video to hear Steve Keighery & Courtney Fricke talk through the situation about this property they bought together. You can also read the video transcript below.

Video Transcript

Hey guys, Aussie Steve here from Home Buyer Louisiana, we buy houses in any condition in Louisiana. I’m here at a property we closed on two days ago. We’re in Orleans Parish in New Orleans East. The seller didn’t come directly to me on this one. She listens to the WWL home improvement radio show, and one of my good friends and someone I do buy houses with, Courtney Fricke, is on that show. The seller reached out to her, and because it’s in New Orleans East, which is an area I’m pretty active in, Courtney came to me, and we partnered on this deal. Courtney and I already own a few properties together.

I will get Courtney to talk through the situation.


Hey guys so this seller came to me, she inherited the house, and it’s been sitting on the market with an agent for over 60 days. The house has foundation issues, termite damage, fire damage, water damage, and the likes, and these kinds of things scare people away.

In fact, they had two buyers come by, but they walked away during their inspection period because of these issues.

They didn’t even give the seller the chance to fix anything or give a concession like reduce the price and the seller got discouraged. So, the landlord reached out to us to sell as is. She didn’t want to be a landlord anymore, and she wanted to get a certain price for it. Considering the property is situate in the East, and I have never bought any property in the east before, I decided to partner with Steve, who has experience purchasing property in the East.

Our primary objective is to provide solutions to homeowners, who would like to dispose of the property. In this project, we did just that. The seller was afraid to keep sitting on the market, especially as this has been a changing market. Steve and I helped allay these fears by helping the seller get the property off her hands. Also, we bought it as is with the foundation issues, and all other issues with the house, so we helped her avoid spending her hard-earned money on a property she doesn’t intend to keep. Lastly, the seller wanted a certain price, which she didn’t want to go below, and unfortunately, the market conditions weren’t in favor of her pricing. We were able to give her options that allowed us to pay more than what other investors would pay. The seller was satisfied with this and even asked us to come check another property and make an offer on that as well.



That’s what we do here. We like to solve problems, and that is something Courtney and I have as the core message of our organizations. We’re here to help solve problems that are tied to real estate.

It’s a duplex, and it’s a good property to add to our portfolio. By the way, we bought it with a tenant in place, and we are going to get another tenant on the other side of the house. But before that, we are going to fix it up. Even though the house is not as bad as some of the houses you’ve seen me buy, it still needs some renovation. The floor needs fixing, the tiles and the joist are starting to crack.

So, if you’re looking to sell a property, reach out to us. Check out our website, homebuyerlouisiana.com, you will find lots of information on selling your property in as is condition. Also, check out Courtney Fricke on Facebook and on the WWL radio show on Saturdays at 11 to 1pm. She also runs the North Shore Real Estate Investors.

Thanks so much guys. Have a good one.


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