October 27, 2021

Seller was having trouble selling through realtor so we bought it as is for cash

We bought this Marrero property that the seller was having a lot of trouble selling through a realtor. While realtors are the best option when your house is updated and move in ready, this isn’t always the case when the house needs repairs. The realtor got the house under contract a number of times but each time the seller pulled out during their inspection period. The seller was understandably frustrated as the property was costing them money each month and they needed to get the house sold fast. He realized he needed to change his tact from trying to sell to a homeowner and shift to finding an investor who buys with cash. Once he reached out we made him a cash offer on his house that worked for him and we closed in less than 2 weeks.

You can watch the video of our founder Aussie Steve walking the property and discussing the situation. You can also read the video transcript below.

Video Transcript

I’m here at a property we closed on today. We’re on the West Bank at Jefferson Parish in Marrero.

For this property, the seller wanted to sell it through a realtor, but he had some issues getting things fixed then hurricane Ida came and did some more damage to the property so all the deals that he had with the realtor fell through. No one could close their financing, and he decided just to sell it for cash in as is condition. So, we purchased it because we are happy to buy houses in as is condition.

You can see he was sort of halfway through changing out his AC unit. I think it might have been a problem when he was trying to sell it through realtors. It must have been an issue during inspection.
Even though he had the house under contract, it never closed and that can happen when selling through a realtor. We don’t do those inspections.

Also, hurricane Ida came and did some damage and that was the last straw for him. He was trying to get those things fixed for buyers and it didn’t happen.

The truth is, you are going to get the most money If you sell to a homeowner. When you go through a realtor, you’re going to find someone who wants to live in a property, and they’re going to use bank financing. With that, you’ll always get more money. The problem with this option is that your property goes through stringent inspections, and they expect everything to be in great condition. Those inspections will point out everything that’s wrong if there’s any. If it’s a big problem, the banks may not even lend the money on the property and if it’s a little problem, the banks may lend money but the sellers themselves may get spooked out. These sorts of things can scare them.

But when you sell to someone like us, you may not get the same amount of money, but what you do get is a guaranteed sale. We pay cash, and we buy in as is condition. We don’t need any bank to approve our deals, and we fix things. So, we don’t get spooked out by problems in your house. We see issues, and we calculate what it’s going to cost to fix it. We factor this into the price of the property.

For a homeowner, having to fix things causes fear and uncertainty. They start thinking, “Can we fix that?” “What is it going to cost?” With us, we don’t have fear. We know what we’re doing, we understand the market, and we understand how to fix things. We understand how to add value to a property to make it an easy sale.

We can close really fast. The property has been on the market for ages, and the seller had it under contract but it fell through. It’d been a six-month process for him and when we came along, we closed as soon as the title cleared, which was less than two weeks.

That’s what you get with us. You get certainty and an easy sale, and that makes the process easy. But again, if your house is in great condition then definitely get the realtor out because if no one is going to poke out issues through inspections, then get that homeowner money. If it’s going to pass the bank inspections, go get that bank loan money. But if you’re worried about that, or you’re in a hurry, or you’re not the sort of person who wants to make repairs, well, selling it to a cash buyer like us is a good option.

You can reach out to us. Visit us online at homebuyerlouisiana.com. We have a lot of articles and information about selling your property in as is condition, and you can see case studies and videos from happy sellers etc.

Thank you so much for your time.


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