July 30, 2022

We bought this inherited property from succession in Marrero

We bought this Marrero property as part of a succession. It is pretty common for us to buy inherited properties because we buy houses in As Is condition  so don’t mind if you leave belongings behind or don’t clean up and make repairs. This means lots of sellers seek us out to sell their inherited property. In this video you can hear our founder Steve Keighery talk about the situation with the sellers and the house. You can watch the video or read the transcript below.

Video Transcript

Hey, it’s Aussie Steve from Home buyer Louisiana. We buy houses in any condition in Louisiana. I’m here at a property that we just came from the closing on. We’re on the West Bank at Jefferson Parish in Marrero. So, the sellers had inherited the property actually. Unfortunately, their brother had passed away, and he had no children so they left it to his siblings. So, they reached out to us to sell the house from succession. The house was full of a lot of stuff as is pretty normal for inherited properties. But in this case, these things were pretty good and valuable. So, we gave the sellers a little bit of time because they wanted to sell them. They were here for a while, and they had something like a Facebook Marketplace to sell the stuff. I actually bought a bookcase myself.

We do buy houses with stuff in there. If there’s stuff that you don’t want, you can always leave behind all the things you don’t want and obviously take whatever you want. The house wasn’t really ready for a homeowner. It’s not in too bad a condition, at least when compared to houses we usually buy. Nonetheless, it’s not ready for a homeowner. We will need to do some painting, get some flooring in some places, and the bathroom needs to be redone. There is also a need for new carpets as well.

We buy a lot of inherited properties and having to fix them up is a pretty common occurrence, and we are okay with that. We generally will help with the title if there is a need for that. We’ve got an attorney who can help with the succession. So, if you inherited a property, and you are looking to sell it, but it hasn’t gone through succession, we can still agree to buy it. Our title company will help do the succession work for you. They can clear the title, and they’ll make sure the title gets into your name and then we can buy it the same day it goes in your name. So, if you want more information on selling your house in Louisiana then visit our website homebuyerlouisiana.com. We got lots of information there.

Cheers guys, have a good one.


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