April 28, 2022

Steve discusses the process for selling to a cash house buyer

People often ask us what the process is to sell your house to cash buyer? We thought this video of our founder Aussie Steve doing an inspection on a property was a great way to explain the process. You can watch the video or read the transcript below.

Video Transcript

I’m here on a property we are looking to purchase. I am on the West Bank of Jefferson Parish, we’re in Harvey. We haven’t purchased it yet; this is actually our first inspection. We have been speaking to the sellers who inherited the property. They don’t live here, they live in a different state, and we’ve been chatting for a while about it. We’ve just gotten the key to check it out to conduct our first inspection.

So, that’s generally what we do. It’s our process of buying a house. If you are looking to sell a house, we’ll speak to you on the phone first. This way, we’ll get to understand the situation of the property, then we give a ballpark offer. If you are in line with our ballpark offer, then we come check it out.

If you’ve seen the houses I buy, you will know that I definitely buy houses worse than this. So, although this has some issues, it’s not too bad. It’s got some damage through Ida; water has been coming in. The kitchen is a little bit dated, the fireplace, although nice, needs some patch work. It’s going to need new floors, the carpet is worn, and the roof needs to be fixed as well.

We’ve definitely seen houses worse than this, but it still needs some upgrading. New roofs, flooring, patching, painting and many more.

If you inherit a property like this, and you have the money and time to fix it, you should do just that. You will get the most money if the house is fixed up. But for a lot of people, beyond the money and time, it can be really emotionally hard for them. It can be really frustrating if you don’t have the temperament for this. You may open a wall and you are greeted by termites; this could be a really frustrating sight if you are nor used to things like that. So, you may not want to go through this hassle, but rather sell to a cash buyer like us.

That was the case here. They reached out to us on the phone and we gave a ballpark offer which they agreed to. So, I am down here to confirm if the house is exactly as they’ve told us. Because, if it’s worse, the rehab will cost more and our offer will be different. If we don’t agree on a price, it’s fine. We do not need to buy every house. We are happy just to chat and give you feedback. And if it so happens that it works for you and it works for us, we would be glad to buy your house.

So, if you are looking to sell a house, reach out to us and we will let you know what the cash offer would be. And we can do that over the phone with a ballpark offer. After this, we come out to check the property then give a firm written offer, latest the next day after checking it out. If you like it, we will then send you the documents to sign, then we go to closing. We pay cash, so we close fast, we don’t need bank approval and all other stuff. We just need you to clear the title, and we can close within 2 weeks to 30 days depending on the title work.

So, reach out to us, you can also visit our website, Homebuyerlouisiana.com, there is a lot of information there too.

Thanks so much guys, have a good one!

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