May 1, 2022

We bought this inherited Kenner property As Is

The seller of this house reached out to us as she owned this property with her husband and unfortunately he had passed away. The property was a rehab project which she didn’t want to do so she wanted to sell the house in as is condition. She technically only owned half the property so we had open succession to sell the property so the her husbands half could be passed on. This is really common for people to come to us to sell an inherited property before they have done the succession. In these cases we just get our title attorney to assist with the succession as part of the sales process. This way the succession and other title work can be done in tandem and once they clear we close straight away and the succession costs can be paid from the proceeds of the sale so you don’t come out of pocket.

You can here our Acquisition Specialist Arione talking about this at the property we purchased in Kenner. You can watch the video or read the transcript below.


Video Transcript

What’s up, everyone? It’s Arione from Homebuyer, Louisiana. I am catching up with you guys straight from a recent purchase. We just closed on this house 30 minutes ago. It’s in the Kenner area on Colorado Avenue. Quick short story on my seller.¬† She lost her husband¬† and her and her two sons were just ready to move on with life. The house was gutted so they decide to sell for cash in as is condition.

As you guys can see, we’re working with a full gut. It’s two bedrooms, one bath. It’s definitely a project, but we are willing to take it on. If you or anyone you may know that’s looking to sell to a cash house buyer as is, please don’t hesitate to give me a call. Arione, Home Buyer Louisiana. Well, until the next buy, bye.

Steve discusses the process for selling to a cash house buyer
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We bought this house as is and helped the heirs with succession

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