April 28, 2020

Happy seller who sold their house to Home Buyer Louisiana

We love happy customers on closing day. Amanda was really happy as we were able to work with her to achieve her objective. She had a house that didn’t have equity in Slidell and wanted to sell it and buy her new house in Orleans Parish. The problem was once she paid realtor fees and closing costs and the mortgage she was going to have to come to closing with a check to sell her old property. No one should have to have to come out of pocket when they sell their house so we worked with her to buy it directly by taking over the mortgage payments. To get the new loan on her house approved she needed to have a certain Debt to Income ratio so we helped her by first leasing the property at the income she needed. This got her new loan approved and as soon as she closed on that house we purchased the old home from her and started making payments on the mortgage.

This was a real win-win scenario as Amanda got exactly what she wanted and didn’t have to come out of pocket and we got a new rental property for our portfolio. We worked closely with each other to achieve this objective. While we normally buy houses fast we worked to the sellers speed on this one to make sure they could close on their new first. Every house we buy is different because every seller has different circumstances and different things they are trying to achieve with the sale. We pride ourselves on listening to each sellers situation and ensuring they get best the outcome (Some times this means we tell them to sell the house to someone different)

If you are looking to sell a house with no equity then reach out to Home Buyer Louisiana to see how we can help. We are very experienced with working creatively with sellers so they can achieve their goals. We can also help if you want to sell a house fast for cash, or have a home to sell that needs a lot of repairs. Give us a call or fill in the online form. Even if we don’t end up being the right buyer for your property we are still happy to give you advice on some of the different strategies to sell your house.

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