January 30, 2020

We bought this inherited Metairie property in As Is condition

We bought this inherited Metairie property in As Is condition. The owner had inherited the home from his father and wanted to sell the house fast. The house had a number of issues with it. The roof was leaking, an awning had collapsed in a storm and the bathrooms and kitchens were dated. This meant the house wasn’t ready to sell to a homeowner and since the owner didn’t want to do a rehab he was happy to sell it to us in As Is condition.

We love buying houses like this in As Is condition. Its a real win-win scenario as the owner is able to turn the house into fast cash without having to clean it out or make repairs and we get a new project to flip or add to our rental portfolio. Since we are cash house buyers we can move real fast and this one we closed on in less than 2 weeks. We also don’t need to get bank inspections and appraisals so sales don’t fall apart due to banks not approving loans. This is particularly important with houses that need a lot of repairs as banks can often have a problem with that. The seller took all the belongings he wanted from the house but left behind all the stuff he didn’t. Sellers really appreciate this as moving is hard and being able to just leave and take what you don’t want makes this so much easier.

If you have an inherited house you want to sell then in Louisiana then we may be interested in buying it. Even if you haven’t gone through succession yet our title attorneys can handle that as part of the sales process. You won’t need to clean the house or make repairs and we are able to close fast so you can move on with your life. Give us a call or fill in our online form if you want to discuss your particular property and situation.

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Taylor sold his inherited house and loved how fast & easy it was

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