March 27, 2020

We bought this inherited Metairie house in As Is condition

The heirs of this property in Metairie reached out to us as they were looking to sell their inherited property. The house was in pretty bad condition. There was problem with the electrical wiring, their was termite damage, the kitchens and bathrooms were dated and it needed lots of repairs. The owners didn’t want to have to make repairs or clean the house up and were looking to sell the house in As Is condition. We buy houses like this all the time and were able to pay them what they needed to get so were happy to be able to come to terms. The heirs get to sell the house fast and we get a new project to work on.

Watch the video to have a look around the house and see an example of the type of house we buy. You can also see a transcript of the video below.

Hey guys Aussie Steve here from Home Buyer Louisiana we buy houses in any condition in Louisiana. I’m here at a property that we got under contract and are getting ready to close on. This one is in the east bank of Jefferson Parish in Metairie.

It’s a nice area but the house needs a fair bit of work, it’s definitely very far from being ready for a homeowner. The owners had inherited the house, there was three heirs to the property and they were looking to sell it. Obviously they wanted to sell for cash in As Is condition as there’s a bit of work to do.

It hasn’t gone through succession so our title company will do that as part of the sales process. That’s good for them because they don’t need to come out of pocket to pay for the succession. The title company will do it and those funds will just come out of the funds we pay them for the property.

You can see the electricity blew over there and some other rooms don’t have power. So something is wrong with electric that will need to be fixed. The kitchen’s just a bit dated and you know you know all this stuff is stained. They’ve removed what they wanted and the rest is staying. We buy As Is so one of the benefits is you can leave behind this stuff you don’t want. We’re okay with that.

So yeah it definitely definitely needs a bit of work there’s some termite damage, you can see they’ve tried to fix some of it but yeah there’s definitely some termites here so a bit of work to do to fix that.

The Air Conditioner is out so the AC will need to be replaced. It definitely needs a paint job and yeah again the powers out in here they were running power through an extension cord from another part of the house so some issue there.

So yes the house needs a fair bit of work and that’s fine because we buy houses like this. We don’t mind putting our time, money, resources and connections into fixing it up so that’s fine.

If you have a house you’re looking to sell, you know maybe it needs repairs like this, maybe you’ve inherited it and just don’t want to clean it out, then you know we may be a really good buyer for you so just reach out to us. We have a lot of information on our website, lots of frequently asked questions and you can get a lot of information there. Have a look at 0r give us a call we’re always happy to chat and see if we are a good option or just give you advice.

So thanks guys have a great day!

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