July 8, 2024

We bought this Kenner Succession Property that was full of belongings

We get lots of people reach out to us because they want to sell an inherited house but they don’t want to clean out all the belongings or make repairs. Since we buy houses in As Is condition we don’t mind cleaning the house out and making repairs. We flip properties for a living and also hold rentals so for us to clean out the house isn’t a big deal. That is why we buy so many inherited houses as more often than not in makes sense to sell the house in as is condition to a cash house buyer like us.

Like this house we just closed on in Kenner.  The property was in succession and there were lots of heirs and no one wanted to have to clean the house up and prepare it for a traditional listing. Instead they wanted to sell it in as condition. You can see the video of Jon walking the property after closing and you can see just how much stuff was left behind in the property.

You can watch the video or you can read the video transcript below.

Video Transcript

Hey everybody, it’s John here with Home Buyer Louisiana. I am in Kenner, Louisiana, in Jefferson Parish, in a succession property that was a little distressed. The family came to us once the succession was just about finished up. They asked us to help out, and we were able to assist them.

The house had a lot of stuff in it; it was a bit of a collector situation, as you can see. We helped the family get the items that were important to them—their valuables—and we will take care of the rest. As you can see, there was a fair amount of stuff left behind, but that is no problem at all.

We’re going to get in here, clean everything out, and get it taken care of. If you have a property anywhere in Louisiana that you need help with, we have solutions for just about every situation. Reach out to us at homebuyer.com, and we’ll be happy to help. Thanks.


If you know anyone selling an inherited property, or a house that needs repairs tell them that Home Buyer Louisiana is buying. We buy all over Louisiana but are particularly focused on Metairie, Greater New Orleans, The North Shore and Baton Rouge.

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