February 22, 2021

We bought this double with a tenant in 1 side and vacant in the other

We bought this shotgun for cash in As Is condition. There was a section 8 tenant in one side that had over 10 months on their lease and the other side was vacant. As you know it can be hard to sell a house with a tenant. It makes it hard to show the property and almost impossible to stage it. We have a rental portfolio so a house with a tenant isn’t really an issue for us. If it is a good tenant it might make us like the property more and if there is a bad tenant we aren’t that phased as we deal with this type of situation regularly. We don’t have to see the house staged so if the tenant has the house messy it really isn’t an issue at all.

One side was vacant and needed some repairs before it could be rented again. We don’t mind making repairs and are happy to buy houses in As Is condition. Our seller loved the fact that they didn’t need to make the repairs or stage the property. We did a quick walk of the house, agreed on a price and were at the closing table for a cash sale soon afterwards. As cash home buyers we don’t have all the red tape and inspection requirements that come with people that use finance to buy houses. This means you are able to sell your house fast when you work with us.

If you have a rental property you want to sell fast for cash then reach out to Home Buyer Louisiana to see if we would make a good buyer for you. We are always happy to talk about your situation and give you some thoughts on what the best solution you have to sell your house (Even if the best solution is not to sell to us. Give us a call or fill in our online form and we will talk more about your situation.

Jarred sold his rental property with tenants in 1 week
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We bought this inherited house that had been vacant for years

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