November 10, 2022

Trust me there is a house under all this stuff (At least I hope so because we already bought it)

We buy houses in ANY condition and this is one of those “ANY” properties. You will see from the video that the house was completely overgrown by plants and that the inside had piles and piles of old belongings inside. While the houses don’t have to be in this bad a shape, we don’t mind buying houses like this. Obviously as investors we like to add value to properties and we have clean out crews and contractors so it is cheaper and easier for us to get this back in shape than the average home owner. This is how we can do a win-win deal. The seller can sell it without having to fix it and when you factor in the time and money they would spend to fix it they normally end up with a better deal. As the buyer we have a good project that we can utilize our skills and team to be able to flip the property or turn it into a rental.

You can see our founder Steve Keighery taking you through this property or you can read the video transcript below.

Video Transcript 

Hey guys, Aussie Steve here from Home Buyer Louisiana, we buy houses in any condition in Louisiana. I’m here at a house we just purchased, I literally just left the closing.

We purchased this from the bank. Unfortunately, it was foreclosed on. We prefer to buy houses before banks foreclose on them. So, if you’re ever facing foreclosure, please reach out to us. We’d like to buy it beforehand so you can get some equity and save your credit. But in this case, we bought it from the bank. It’s in pretty rough shape. It’s been vacant for a while. You can see my guys are clearing it off. They’re trying to find a house because there’s a lot of growth up in here. When they’re done, you’re going to see a house behind all these.

There are around 10 truckloads of stuff in the house. I will unlock the door, so you will see there are lots of stuff to get rid of here.

I don’t know the story with the actual owner since we bought it from the bank, but I’ve got a feeling they may have passed away just because there was some medical equipment around.

We really prefer to buy houses from people and not from banks because when they foreclose, they take all of your equity but if you sell before it gets foreclosed upon, you can normally get money. But once a bank sells, you generally don’t get anything so, we definitely prefer to buy from people.

You’ll see that there is a lot of stuff to get rid of. Like I said, my guys are working on it now. It’s going to take them a few days to get rid of all this stuff and quite a few truckloads, so you can see it’s not in good condition at all. But that’s okay, we buy houses like this in As Is condition. We don’t mind adding value because when the house is really nice, there’s not much value we can add. But with a house like this, we can come in, use our expertise to clean it out, fix it up, and we can make a return.

So, guys, if you have a house you’re looking to sell in any condition, reach out to us at a There is plenty of information there on different options you have when selling your house in Louisiana.

Thanks so much.


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