April 11, 2021

We bought this New Orleans East house for cash and closed within 11 days

We bought this house for cash in as is condition. The seller reached out to us as he was moving into another property and just wanted to get a cash offer and sell the house fast. You can check out the video of Steve walking through the property and talking about the

Video Transcript

We’re here in New Orleans East at a house we closed yesterday. The owner of the property had lived here for about 10 years, and they’d already purchased another property in Slidell, so they were getting ready to move and they wanted to sell this house fast. They couldn’t afford to have two notes, so they wanted to get this one paid off. Also, they didn’t really have the ability, time or inclination to clean up the house to get it prepared for listing with a realtor to get homeowners to the property. They just didn’t have time for that and wanted to sell for cash, and in as is condition. We were able to come with a price that worked for them. So, we bought it for cash, and in as is condition.

It’s in a pretty good condition. For any of you that has seen some of the houses we buy, they can be pretty rough. So, by my standards, this one is really nice but it definitely has some issues. The kitchen is really good as you can see but they left behind a bunch of things. There are holes in the wall, old carpet, just stuff that you’d want to clean up before listing with a realtor and selling to a homeowner. They left quite a bunch of things behind. We’ll donate what we can to charity and get rid of the rest as part of our rehab.

What people really enjoy when they sell a house to us is that they can leave things behind. They don’t have to bother about things like, getting the house totally clean, getting rid of everything, patching up holes in the wall, and fixing things. All of these can be a hassle and some people just prefer to sell it like that and move on, which is what the sellers did in this case.

The property is just a bit rough and patchy, nothing too crazy that we can’t deal with. It’s not ready for a homeowner to buy through a realtor, but for us, this isn’t too bad at all. We’re more than capable to have this cleaned out, do some repairs, and get it ready. In this case, we’re going to actually turn it into a rental, so we do love rentals. We do flip properties as well, but wherever we can, we do like holding rentals. Our plan is to get in, clear it out first, patch up all the things we have to paint, fix some of the flooring, make some repairs, and then put it back on the market for rental so a family can come in and enjoy the property.

So, guys if you have a house you want to sell, maybe something like this where you just don’t want to clean it up, it’s got a few issues and you just want to sell it fast for cash, reach out to us, we’re happy to help. It can be worse than this and it can be better than these. But I’ll be honest, if your house is really beautiful and ready for a homeowner, it’s best you list it with a realtor.

We’re a good option if you don’t want to clean it up or you want to move really fast. We closed on this within 11 days. Actually, we were ready to close within 7 days but they requested for more time to move out some of the things they needed.

So, if you need to move fast and sell in as is condition for cash, we are a good option. You don’t have to worry about inspections, bank approvals, appraisers and all of that stuff. This is the benefit of selling a cash house buyer. We’re also a really good buyer when the house needs a bunch of repairs. This property needs a lot of work and that’s fine because we buy in as is condition. We don’t need bank financing approved, and we’ll get in and fix the issues.

So, if you have a house like this, by all means, reach out to us at homebuyerlouisiana.com, check out our website, you will find a lot of information about selling your house in as is condition, the different options you have, the different ways to sell houses that work for different people. We have a fair amount of information on our website so check it out. Give us a call if you like or send an enquiry through our website, we’ll be happy to chat about your property.

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