November 10, 2021

Sell your house fast & easy just like Irvin

Irvin was impressed with how easy it was to sell his house to Home Buyer Louisiana. He had lived in the house for about 10 years but had recently bought a house in Slidell and wanted to sell his house fast. He really didn’t want to have to pay two notes at the same time and therefore wanted to sell the house as soon as possible.

He also had 10 years of belonging in the house and didn’t want to have to get the house cleaned up and presented for a realtor. Moving is always hard so being able to just take what he wanted to keep and leaving the rest in the house made the move that much easier. He and his wife really appreciated just leaving behind the rubbish, junk and unwanted furniture for us to deal with. Since we are renovating the property cleaning out some extra stuff isn’t that a big deal for us. Since we buy house in As Is condition he didn’t have to make any repairs and we didn’t do an inspection report and knit pick about things that he needed to fix . He was thankful for how hassle free and easy the process was.

At the closing table he told us “It was great, the process was really easy, no problems no haggle and we appreciate everything you did for us. The process was very fast, everything was really timely, from signing the contract to the closing it was a matter of days“.

Seeing smiling faces at the closing and hearing this great feedback means the world to us. We strive to be the best home buyer in Louisiana so if you aren’t this happy at the closing then we haven’t done our job right.

If you have a house you are looking to sell fast without having to make repairs or clean up then Home Buyer Louisiana may be your buyers. Give us a call or fill in our online form and we would be happy to discuss your situation. We are always happy to chat and give you ideas of the different selling options that you have. Our goal isn’t to buy every house, just the ones where it works for both of us, so we are very open and will often give you ideas that don’t involve selling your house to us. So don’t be shy to get in contact.

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